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November 01, 2016

NostalgiaQuest is LIVE

Achievement Tracker: 8 Years Player Reward Now Available!

For those of you who have played AdventureQuest for 8 years... your "8 Years Played" Achievement tracker reward went live yesterday - NostalgiaQuest! Unlock an exclusive map featuring the original Battleon design, classic quests with new flavor (and rewards!), the Pizza Hut House and armor, plus some of the first rewards ever introduced, but with more bonuses!

To unlock NostalgiaQuest, just:

  • Head to your Book of Lore and find the "8 Years Played" badge
  • Open the shop and buy the Golden 8th Birthday Candle
  • /join NostalgiaQuest and begin exploring!

Guide to NostalgiaQuest

MAN there is a lot to do and get here! This is zone where you can see all the original art from the early maps and NPCs, quest to buff up your classic AQW gear, and discover several secret quests and rewards! (Note: the most obvious secret is not the ONLY secret!!!)

  • 2 maps
  • ZZZ quests
  • 16 monsters
  • 12 quests
  • 3 secrets to discover
  • Over 150 items to find, forge, or enchant! 

Message from Alina

Hey guys! I'm so glad you're enjoying NostalgiaQuest -- I wanted a reward awesome enough and, for lack of a better word, nostalgic enough, for all our heroes from 2008... and this seemed the best (nay, the only!) thing to do. 

It was a long, crazy, super-full month of birthdays, anniversaries, vacations, and work on things that kept pulling me away from NostalgiaQuest, and I really appreciate everyone's patience as it was built... and as it came down to the wire to release in October. (Servers came back up at 11:57 PM EST... /cheer!) 

Though NostalgiaQuest has been a personal project built almost entirely on the weekends, I can't let it release without giving credit to the many artists, animators, writers, and designers who worked on the game and created the assets used in NostalgiaQuest. And HUGE thanks to Asuka, Zuto, and Rickyb20, who were testing the release until the very, VERY last minute. I still have some rewards to add and a few tweaks to make to the quests (refining drop rates, explaining where to go for some of the rewards*, etc)... but the deadline was made, NostalgiaQuest IS out, and for all our 2008 heroes... enjoy! 

Thank you all so much for having battled alongside us all these years. Without you guys, and the many heroes who came after you (and who will unlock NostalgiaQuest in the future), we would not be here, and could not update the game each week. 


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