Design Notes

March 14, 2012

Mid-Week Market!

It's Been YEARS In The Making.... Sort Of

Back in July of 2009, we first introduced Dwarfhold and since that time there has been a small nook of just inside the mountain that was once the Dwarven market but had been closed for repairs.

Finally, after nearly 3 years of waiting, this week's Mid-Week release gives you the chance to help in the clean-up efforts and open the Dwarven market again!

All you have to do (if you have completed the storyline up to this point) is enter the mountain and speak to Hartok Darksoil, Armorer and owner of the "Dwarven Defense" Armor Shop. Or at least the pile of rubble that was once the "Dwarven Defense" Armor Shop.

Once you help them clean up the entrance, you will find Domi, Hartok and Nathrae each have quests for you to help them build up their shops once more. As you complete their quests you will unlock all the items in Domi's weapon shop, both Armors...

and all the helms and all new Dwarf and Drow hairstyles from Nathrae the Drow Hair Stylist!

A sample sheet with some of Nathrae's hair options

As I mentioned on Monday, there is no Lore-shattering crisis to solve this week. Just helping to war torn people get back on their feet. Sometimes, that's all you can do and it takes a real hero to do it.

J6 Shirts Back In Stock!

Just letting you guys know that we got a few more J6 Shirts back in stock in HeroMart!

This shirt comes with a Character Page Badge and gives you access to J6's Helm and Outfit. If we are already out of your size, don't worry. This is only the first shipment to come and we will be getting more in stock as soon as they arrive from the printer!

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