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November 18, 2016

This Weekend: Memet's Freaki Tiki Party

Celebrate Memet's Birthday on the Beach!

Memet (the real person, and AQWorlds' assistant game lead and lead writer) levels up in real life this Sunday! To celebrate, Memet (the nightmare moglin NPC) is throwing a HUGE bash on the beach… and it wouldn’t be a /party if things didn’t get a little (tiki) freaki!

Starting tonight, /join freakitiki to head to the Freaki Tiki Beach and celebrate with Memet! 

  • Help her honor the tiki god and secure his approval
  • Get tutti fruiti as you gather ingredients to open her new drink bar
  • Find birthday rare gear in the Featured November Gear shop in your game menu
  • Slay monsters around the map for all-new reward items

This party has a LOT of goodie bags... but you'll need to fight the monsters for them! The monsters at the Freaki Tiki Beach have a chance to drop:

  • Nightmare Hula armor set
  • Memehano's Blaze Torch polearm
  • Tiki Porch polearm
  • Tiki Statue and Tiki Sneak pets
  • Nightmare and Dreaming Tiki helms
  • Memet's Plasma Cannon*

* A gift from the incorrigably-amazing Deuce, of the EpicDuel Guest Artist team

Wish Memet a happy birthday on Twitter!

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