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November 20, 2014

Happy Birthday, Memet!

AQW's Nightmare Moglin Levels Up in Real Life!

In Lore, you don't GET presents for your birthday, you GIVE them! And that's why you should head to Battleon now: Memet, AQW's assistant game lead, has created a TON of heartbreakingly-cute hedgehog-themed gear for you to hunt for! 

Hologram Memet's Birthday Hunt Clues!

Because Memet is on vacation, she can't be in Battleon with you, but DID send a hologram to offer you the clues you'll need to find these ridiculously-adorable gear. OR you can just read the clues here!

I am a moglin nightmarish, as dark as dark can be. But I love a little hedgehog - my Hermes is sweet as can be. If you want I will dream up a Hermes just waiting to travel with you. But you'll have to fight to find him... and I've got some clues, I do!

  • The biggest, furriest beasts are no match for wee little, spiky Hermes. 
  • Neither tusks nor teeth nor fangs nor fur can keep him from you!
  • No wings, though. Hermeses don't fly, and neither do the creatures who have them.

Happy Birthday, Memet! 

Memet started working for Artix Entertainment in the Player Support department... until we saw how amazing she was as an artist and kidnapped her! Memet battles day in and night out creating amazing art for AQWorlds. She also works with Reens as the assistant game lead, helping with writing, making art, and mentoring AQWorlds' volunteer artists.

Wish her a Happy Birthday on Twitter, then head to Battleon to get her hint and start hunting!

  • Hedgie Waif-er Hat
  • Hedgie Waif-ette Hat
  • Memet Hearts Hermes Pet
  • Hermes Hoglets Pet
  • Memet Mount Cape
  • Heart For Hermes Helm 
  • Triple Heart Hermes Helm 

Tomorrow the Memet + Hermes Bank Pet will release, too!

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