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February 26, 2018

March 2018 Event Calendar

Good, Evil... and Holiday events!

Get your gear on! Log in all month long for Evil gear, Good rewards, and a double holiday event; we're celebrating Dage the Evil and Laken's birthdays with two new story updates, plus the return of the Lucky Day Fair and Grenwog.

March 2Dage's Birthday: Fate of Evil, Part 1 + Birthday Gear and Collection Chest + March upgrade bonus

March 9: Dage's Birthday: Fate of Evil, Part 2 + Legion FiendHunter sets

March 16: Lucky Day and Grenwog holiday events return! (Plus the holiday map revitalizations!)

March 23: Laken's Seraphic Order Finale, Part 1 + Event Rewards

March 30: Laken's Seraphic Order Finale, Part 2 + Full Moon Featured Gear Set

Also this month... we are adding 20 new buyable house inventory spaces plus everyone gets FIVE house inventory spaces for FREE!

Lucky Day + Grenwog

The Evil Continues... On March 16th, we'll begin our seasonal Lucky Day and Grenwog events! The Lucky Day fair returns with all your favorite mini-games PLUS Daibh the Sneevil (it's pronounced Dave!), a new carny ready to reward you... if you complete his challenge. Our Grenwog event will feature the Void Grenwog + Nakana Rei's adorably deadly GrenwogSlayer armor set!

Unlock the Void Knight and Void Monk armors by:

  • Completing his Whack'em Smack'em Makai minigame OR
  • Buy them for AdventureCoins

Laken's 2-Part Seraphic Order Finale Birthday Event

This month, fan favorite artist Laken returns for the two-part finale to his character's saga! For so long, Laken - leader of the Seraphic Order - devoted his unlife to Dage the Evil's Undead Legion. Along the way, he traveled through time, became a thief, and accted as a conduit for Evil, all to serve a greater Good. 

Memet, AQW's lead writer, is working with Laken as I type to finalize the story while he handcrafts a collection of new reward gear.


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