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July 24, 2015

Tonight: Moonlight on the Grave

And an Old Enemy Considers a New Alliance!

This weekend's Hero Vacation checklist: powerful LunarMancer? You bet! Complex plot for revenge? Oh yeah! Unforeseen accident causing massive, moon-based shenanigans (and an old enemy's return)? Absolutely! Discover what happens after the LunarMancer’s spell goes awry and survive your journey to Terra Lacuna Island this week in AdventureQuest Worlds!

free rpg mmo summer release heats up lunarmancer

This release was a bit smaller than some of our previous weeks have been - with Ghost on vacation, Arklen stepped up to the plate and knocked out FIVE cutscenes! /cheer and all the hats tipped off to him for his extra effort! Aaaaaand...

free rpg mmo cysero secrets

Memet was doing triple overtime working on some REALLY crazy new art for Cysero's release next week (we've got a new rare mount armor coming, for those of you who like ridiculously-awesome things) before she heads off to help BioBeasts for a week!

BUT do not forget... NEW BEACH HANGOUT! Gather all your friends and /join the party in Coral Beach Save up the Moon Rocks you find in Luna Cove, then trade them to SunBeam for new Beach Gear from Aranx.

Summer Madness AC Bonus Offer Ends August 7th!

These are the last two weeks of our Summer Madness Bonus AdventureCoin offer! Get 25% more free ACs when you buy a 12000 AC packages or 500 more free ACs when you buy a 5000 AC package - with all the awesome events this summer, you'll want to stock up so you don't miss any of the epic reward gear... but both the offer and gear will be leaving soon, just like summer itself!

free rpg mmo the collector special event returns

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