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October 01, 2012

October of Awesome

The Most Epic Month of the Year Starts Now!*

October is normally the BIGGEST month of the year for Artix Entertainment, and 2012 is no different! We've got people birthdays, game birthdays, AE's 10 year anniversary, I'm getting married (and so is Rolith), and to cap it all off... MOGLOWEEN returns!

PHEW that's a lot! If we're not careful, we'll all wind up undead before the month is over! Which leads me to remind you that...

Death Always Collects His Debts...

And YOU owe him a few favors! This weekend, head to the /death map to begin an adventure which will take you into Death's realm, let you earn a reward of unimaginable value, and give Death an opportunity to see things from the other side of that bright white tunnel of light.

Don't fear the Reaper

Upgrade NOW to become a 4th Upholder!

Check out Cysero's Design Notes from earlier today for ALL the information you need to know HOW to become a 4th Upholder, gain epic rare gear and an achievement badge, and earn the AQW team's heartfelt gratitude for your support!

Mogloween Returns This Friday!

Fright nights start this Friday when we re-open the Mogloween hub-town and all the previous years' events! All the seasonal rares will come back; witch armor will you choose?! Be prepared for the most deliciously-deadly holi-DOOM yet; the Cauldron Sisters will make sure of it!

The NEW Mogloween event will release at the end of the month! What will it be? Let us know what terrifying torments you'd like to see this year!

New Shops Coming, Old Shops Leaving!

  • Did you hear about this Thursday's shop? It's not hard to Taco 'bout it, so get ready for Taco Day! This shop ONLY comes around once a year, and it'll leave you wanting to /fiesta! 
  • The Limited Quantity, Talk Like a Pirate Day, and J6 Rare House shop leave Wednesday!
  • The rare pet in Balboa's "My 1st BattlePet shop" also leaves Wednesday, but the rest stay!

AQW's 4th birthday is next week!

Party time! Get ready for a bithday celebration of EPIC proportions and the gear to go along with it! We've got plans, and the most special event guest star is YOU! ... At least, that's what I WOULD be saying if something didn't feel so... ominous.

(Ominous feeling not pictured... unless you're Twig)

But we'll do what we always do when strange things start happening - we'll strap on our helms, boot up our laptops, and make the release happen anyway! (Just... stick around in case we need you, ok?)

* This will be forever the awesomest October if I can just make it through the next few weeks!
19 more days...

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