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June 09, 2017

This Weekend: Kill or Cure?

The Book of Monsters, Chapter 2 continues on June 9th!

Kolyaban the Reshaper is the long-lost Goddess of the Darkblood. With her blessing, the Darkblood could become the strongest race on Lore. And as for the others she's touched... well. Her powers are mighty. And terrifying! Can the Reshapen be cured? Or is their fate already sealed? This weekend, work with Cleric Joy to discover answers to some very harsh questions:

Battle tonight's boss to get one of 8 different reward items, including the:

  • Acolyte of Kolyaban armor, helm, and staff
  • Hive head capes and helm

Molten Mayhem Limited Time Shop

This weekend, find the Molten Mayhem limited time shop in your game menu! Crafted by Crulon, the Igneus Assassin set will let you look SUPER hot while heating up the battlefield! Find the armor, helms, and weapons in the shop until June 23rd!

Even MORE release news

The Book of Monsters and Molten Mayhem shop aren't all you'll find tonight! Check out the following...

  • 6 new hair styles (3 male, 3 female) in Bev's Hair Shop in /battleontown
  • Battle the Reaper in /thevoid for a chance to get new level 85 member and non-member PVP amulets 
  • The BroodFiend talons (available in our June upgrade package bonus) have been fixed. 
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