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April 12, 2013

J6 Saga Finale

Discover J6's TRUE Secret!

Log in now to battle across the galaxy with J6 the Bounty Hunter! Tonight, YOU are the sole decider of J6's fate! Will you be the Bounty Hunter's friend or foe? Will you help him with his mission… or put a permanent end to J6? Log in now for the highly-anticipated J6 Saga Finale! 

Complete the entire J6 Saga to unlock the Member-only Hyperium house! And find all the new 0 AC, Member-only rewards in the Bounty Hunter shop update!

J6 Saga Check List

  1. /join j6 to begin your J6 Saga adventures
  2. Complete quests in J6 map and defeat the Sketchy Dragon until you find J6’s Secret Hideout Map and equip it
  3. Find the Dwakel Decoder
  4. Use J6’s Secret Hideout Map to find the Rusty Spittoon Saloon
  5. Help the Saloon patrons with their quests and learn about J6
  6. Find J6, snag the Crystalized Dragons Breath, get a perfect score on J6’s Quiz, and receive coordinates to the Hyperium Starship
  7. Bring 2 friends to the Hyperium to get past the Turrets
  8. Access the Bounty Hunter Shop by clicking the gauges in the right order
  9. Embark on H.A.L.’s Missions in the 3rd floor using the Elevator

  10. Find where J6 keeps his VR Room Access Ticket
  11. Go to the VR Room on the 2nd floor using the Elevator
  12. Complete missions in the VR Room and H.A.L.
  13. Find missing Datadisks hidden all over Lore
  14. Return to the VR Room after finding Datadisks
  15. Join Hyperium and begin Part 1 of the finale.
  16. Complete the hyperspace map's missions.
  17. Join Hyperium and get to work!

Complete the entire J6 Saga to unlock Steampunk J6!

The entire J6 Saga is complex, taking luck AND teamwork to complete. One of the hardest storylines in game, team-up to discover his secret! Good luck, intrepid Bounty Hunters!

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