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November 17, 2015

Infinity Knight Class Skills

Control Space and Time as an Infinity Knight!

Infinity Knight class is here! Once called Chrono Champion before the name was changed, Infinity Knight is ready to alter time itself! Only available for one year until gone forever! So get your Infinity Knight with the new 2016 Guardians Calendar from HeroMart before it’s gone! If haven’t got the Class yet, check out the skills below!


How to Get the Class?

Only available by buying the 2016 "Year of the Guardians" Calendar from HeroMart!

Once you've purchased the calendar and redeemed your code:

  1. Log into AdventureQuest Worlds
  2. Open your Book of Lore and find the 2016 Calendar badge in your "Heromart" badges section
  3. Open the Infinity Knight Class shop
  4. Get the Class, equip it, and get battling!
  5. Equip the Infinity Knight pet and complete its quest to unlock the rest of the accessories that come with the class!

Infinity Knight to other Chronos

Heya guys it’s Sync. First off, I want to thank Arklen for helping me create this Class. He’s a cool guy and I had fun creating this Class with him. Now let's talk about Infinity Knight, this isn’t your traditional Chrono. This is a DoT based Chrono, first of it’s kind ever. I wanted to do something new. Your nuke is in a DoT based form instead of on hit damage. This Class has over triple the stacking capability than the other Chronos have. Meaning you can get more constant damage than the bursty Chronos. Infinity Knight focuses on raw DPS and consistency through your battles. With not a strong early fight, it scales incredibly hard in the later stacks to have one of the highest DPS and sustaining potential in the game.

Infinity Knight Breakdown!

Mana Regeneration: Infinity Knight regens mana the same as the other Chronos do, dealing damage while under the effects of Temporal Rift. This keeps the originality of the Chronos as well as being something new.

Stats: This Class is a Hybrid, so it thrives on it’s Primary Stats (Strength, Intellect, Endurance etc.) more then it’s Secondary Stats. (Hit, Crit, Haste, etc) Not saying they don’t matter or they don’t help the Class at all, but Hybrids Enhancement focus on those points more than the others.

Auto Attack:  Wane of Dusk

2 Second Cooldown

Ages your opponent with every successful hit applying Perpetual Rend, inflicting a Moderate DoT for 6 seconds. Stacks to 15.

This isn’t your typical Auto Attack, every successful hit ages your opponent dealing a small DoT that stacks to 15. It may start off low, but as you progress through the battle, it becomes a force to be reckoned with as your opponent deteriorates. I always want to make Auto Attacks more involved, and I think this is a step in the right direction.

Rank 1:  Strike of Dawn

5 Mana, 2 Second Cooldown

Deals light damage to the target and applies Temporal Rift to the caster and Temporal Shift to the enemy. These lasts for 30 seconds if not reapplied and stack up to 15 times. These stacks affect your abilities.

This is your “Temporal Rift stack.” It holds the same purpose like other Chronos, your skills rely on these stacks but these scale harder with more stacks, and less early.

Rank 2:  Daybreak

25 Mana, 16 Second Cooldown

If you have at least one stack of Temporal Rift, applies Veil of Compressed Time, giving you a 50% Damage Resistance for 6 seconds. Also DayBreak Heal,  healing you for an amount based on how many stacks you have of Temporal Rift. If there are no stacks present, traps the opponent in time briefly, applying DayBreak Stun stunning them for 3 seconds. Doesn’t consume the stacks.

This skill is your survival factor, your HoT won’t be as strong early, but it builds up to one of the strongest active HoTs in the game. “Hold up, a Chrono with a stun?!? That’s too strong!” The stun works nicely with the kit, it allows you to get some clean stacks before the initial fight really happens. Note, you can only apply the stun if there aren’t any Temporal Rift stacks in play. You can use this right after you nuke to watch them burn in their timeline.

Rank 3:  Incinerating Era

32 Mana, 22 Second Cooldown

Scorches your foe with a radiant light mixed with chronomancy dealing Massive DoT for 10 seconds based on the stacks of Temporal Rift. Consumes the stacks.

This is your nuke, it’s not your typical on hit damage. This nuke is DoT based and can become the highest DoT in the game. This skill heavily revolves on your stacks of Temporal Rift. The damage of the skill early can still disintegrate your foes if they’re not careful so the key to take an Infinity Knight out is early before they scale. As for Chronos, you hit once and you’re done. This has a constant damage to increase your DPS while it’s already coming back on cooldown, also giving your allies more opportunities to buff this damage even more.

Rank 4:  Paradox & Heroic Stoicism

Increases Hit Chance but Decreases Crit Chance by 20% and Increases Endurance by 25%

The idea of Paradox is to be split from reasoning and contradictory, thus decreasing one stat to increase the other by the same amount for better means. This Class is heavily DoT based so you don’t need the chance to crit, but the chance of being more consistent is more valuable. Heroic Stoicism increases your overall hit points, allowing you to be tough and stalwart to lead the fight with your friends.

Rank 4:  Equinox

14 Mana, 15 Second Cooldown

Altars space and time around the enemy dealing Moderate Damage and applies Prior Dawn increasing their Haste and DoT taken depending on the stacks of Temporal Rift for 12 seconds. If there are no stacks of Temporal Rift applies Subsequent Dusk, dealing Moderate Damage and decreasing their Haste and DoT taken by 50% for 12 seconds. Doesn’t consume the stacks.

This is my favorite skill of the class. Does 230% weapon damage on hit, but the initial damage isn’t what makes it the bread and butter of the Class. When they’re stacks of Temporal Rift present, it

increases your Overall DoT damage on the enemy, as well as their Haste by the same amount. Will you take the chance of overstacking for Damage, or possibly bringing yourself to doom? Note, this caps out to 50% increase DoT damage taken and Haste at max stacks so be careful. If you work with Daybreak and Strike of Dawn, you can have high sustain against monsters normal classes couldn’t face with a incredibly high DPS from Wane of Dusk and the buff from Equinox. The other half of this skill is what helps you get your stacks back, or to start the fight off along with Daybreak. Lowering their Haste by a flat amount, but it lowers their DoT damage taken as well for the same amount. Keeps the class nice and balanced, giving it a steady feel.

Rank 10:  Not a Second Wasted

Increases your HoT and DoT Damage by 10%

This gives you more survivability and more raw DPS which are the two focuses on the Class. Giving you a plus once you’ve mastered the Class and ranked it to 10.


This Class is very versatile when it comes to Enhancements because of its Hybrid build block. The Class gets the best out of Strength and Intellect the most as well as Endurance. Luck is NOT an option for this Class, you initially lowered your chance to Crit by 20% for more consistency so your raw stats can shine. I do not recommend Luck on this Class at all.

Hybrid: For once, Hybrid is VERY essential to this Class, giving you a solid build of Strength and Intellect since all of the skills are Hybrid based. This gives you a pretty clean balance between primary stats.

Fighter: Fighter gives the Class very high Endurance which contributes to your HP and tankiness. Gives you more sustain in stability than damage.

Wizard: Wizard brings out the full damage of the Class. Known for putting damage into the skills, all your HoT and DoT will be increased but you lose out on a lot of your Endurance and tankiness in the process. Note, that this increases your Luck stack which you DON’T want.

Overall Summary

To wrap this Class up, it’s a late stacking monster. Starting off with Daybreak and Equinox without Temporal Rift stacks is what I recommend to debuff and stun your opponent to start your stacking. While stacking, time your Equinox for you to increase their DoT damage by a good amount without increasing their haste too much for you to handle. Incinerating Era does massive damage, a good amount even early, if you need some quick damage don’t hesitate. Note that if you use it your stacks will start over and will lose your sustain from Daybreak but you’re open to use your Stun and Haste debuff again. This Class focuses on shifting space and time around the enemy, finding that balance in your fights is what will make you an excellent Infinity Knight.

This is my first in-game Class and I would love to hear your thoughts on it. Contact me on Twitter, :)

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