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December 08, 2011

I CAN HAS MOD - Round 2!

I Can Make Your (Limited) Wishes Come True (Within Reason).

Round two of the I CAN HAS MOD contest is now running and this time I'm the... prize.

Sorry about that.

If you've been asleep for the last month, then you don't know what I'm talking about and you probably don't smell too great. Take a shower then I'll explain.

It's ok. I'll wait here.

All clean? Cool.

The I CAN HAS MOD contest gives you the chance to hang out for a few hours, 1 on 1, with one of the Artix Entertainment Staff and allows you to make a wish, limited only by the 10 rules which only get unlocked as people encounter them.

Sound like fun?

How Do I Enter?

Easy. All you need to do is have Cysero's Golden Cheezburger in your character’s inventory at the time the winner is being selected (Winners will be selected on Jan 3rd 2012). You can get Cysero's Golden Cheezburger from Cleric Joy (the girl in the white robe when you first log in) in-game for 100g (It is a non-member item.). You want to keep it, as the description says. It will probably turn into something oncer the winner has made their wish. The Cysero's Golden Cheezburger gives you 1 chance to win.

You can INCREASE your chances of winning two ways. You get 1 extra chance for every month of AQW Membership left on your account at the time of the drawing. You also get 1 extra chance for every AEXtra that you complete.

Two winners were selected the first time but this round we will probably be selecting only ONE winner! Make sure that the e-mail address attached to your AQW Account is a real one that you check often, Otherwise you will never know that you won, and we'll be forced to select a new winner!

Once again, the drawing will be held on January 3rd, 2012.

Good luck!

We're Not Ignoring You!

Artix Entertainment tries to set it self apart from other game companies in a lot of ways but one of the most important is how much we interact with you guys. Any of you who follow my Twitter or like our AQW Facebook Fan Page know this to be true.

We love talking to you and even when we don't love what we hear, we love that you care enough to tell us what you don't like and we try and fix it. Unfortunately, we are not always logged in to Twitter (we do sleep on occasion) and when we are, we all have a LOT of people talking to us (at this time I have 23,292 Twitter follwers and Artix has nearly 37,000!) so If we don't reply to you it's probably because we either missed your Tweet or because we can't reply to every single Tweet but we are never simply ignoring you.

Another thing to mention is that it is mostly the Devs who are on Twitter. Devs (or Game Developers) are the people who spend all week building each new release for you to play. Each release takes up our entire week (which is why some releases come to you a little later than others) and our jobs don't leave time for much else. That's why we have Mods to help you and protect you in-game and Player Support to help you outside the game with account and payment issues.

Nythera, Zazul, Memet, Neveya & Lady Tomo make up the Player Support team. Their primary job is taking care of you and your account issues. They do a fantastic job and are often overlooked for all the effort that they put into making AE function.

They get THOUSANDS of e-mails a DAY and they read every single one of them, but with so much to do, they can get a little behind sometimes and can't reply to you instantly so if you have a problem, please be patient.

Let's review:

  • A Dev's Job is making the games.
  • Player Support's job is taking care of account and payment issues.

Each team has their hands full. That is why we Dev's can't help you with your account or payment issues when you ask for help over Twitter. It's not becaue we don't want to, it's because it's not what we do and we literally CAN'T help you in most cases.

It's the same reason that Doctors don't put out fires, Firefighters don't pick up your garbage and Waste Workers don't do open heart surgery. They each have their own job that keeps them pretty busy.

If you are having account or payment issues the best thing you can do is head to the HELP PAGE and if you ask us for help over Twitter, that is why we direct you there instead of fixing your account.

Please understand that we really do want to help you (of COURSE we do... we WANT you to play AQW!) and we all do our very best to point you in the right direction to get you back on your feet as quickly as possible. :)

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