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May 14, 2014

Hyperspace Mutant Merge Gear

We've Got X-Treme Gear for Marvelous Heroes!

It's time to save the world. AGAIN! But this time, we're going to take you one step beyond the human hero you are now. We're going to make you... X-TREME! Starting tonight, log in and talk to Tempest in Battleon to begin collecting the super-charged merge items that will turn you into the hero you've always dreamed of becoming!

Hyperspace Mutants are X-Treme Heroes

How to become a Hyperspace Mutant

It can be hard work to become an X-treme Hero, unless you're just born that way. But since so many of us aren't, we asked Lim to engineer a way to MAKE you X-Treme! Just follow the steps below:

  1. Log into AQWorlds on the following dates and pick up your x-treme merge items! Keep them until May 21st, when you can turn them into an OMNI item to unlock a shop full of gear!
  2. May 14: Get your 1st merge item
    Black Galactic Shard or Red Hyperspace Crystal or Gamma Gem
  3. May 16: Get your 2nd merge item
    Gold Galactic Shard or Sapphire Hyper Crystal or X-Ray Gem
  4. May 19: Get your 3rd merge item
    Silver Galactic Shard or Cats-Eye Hyper Crystal or Ultraviolet Gem
  5. May 21: Get your 4th merge item
    Purple Galactic Shard or Emerald Hyper Crystal or Infrared Gem
  6. Once you've got all four merge items for your shop, combine them to create the Omni Shard, Hyperspace Shard, or Gamma Gem to merge shop.

Control the storms!

You CAN collect ALL of the shards, gems, and crystals if you want ALL the power... but I don't know if Lore can handle that much mutant in one Hero. (Let's find out!!!) The merge items will NOT disappear when a new one is added, so if you miss one or two, don't worry!

Galactic Shop Gear

Collect the Galactic Shards to create the Omni Shard and unlock the Galactic Mutant gear! Each shard costs 250 ACs.

  • Black Galactic Shard: available Wednesday, May 14th
  • Gold Galactic Shard: available Friday, May 16th
  • Silver Galactic Shard: available Monday, May 19th
  • Purple Galactic Shard: available Wednesday, May 21th

Time for some divine intervention!

Merge the Galactic Shards to create the Omni Shard and unlock the following gear:

  • Tempest Armor
  • Celestine Armor
  • Stormrider Cape
  • Anjelus Wings
  • Kurts Sword
  • Supercharged Blade of Toxicity
  • Stormblown Helmet
  • Stormblown Locks
  • Arch Anjelus Helm
  • Arch Anjelus Locks
  • Pool of Death Helm

Hyperspace Shop Gear

Collect the Hyper Crystals to create the Omni Crystal and unlock the Hyperspace Mutant gear! Each Legend-only crystal costs 25000 gold.

  • Ruby Hyper Crystal: available Wednesday, May 14th
  • Sapphire Hyper Crystal: available Friday, May 16th
  • Cats-Eye Hyper Crystal: available Monday, May 19th
  • Emerald Hyper Crystal: available Wednesday, May 21th

Are you ready to game the system?

Merge the Hyper Crystals to create the Omni Crytal and unlock the following gear:

  • Brotherhood of Skulls Armor
  • Gumbo Napkins
  • Bombshell Betty Helm
  • Brotherhood of Skulls Locks
  • Brotherhood of Curls
  • Brotherhood of Skulls Helm

Blackhole Shop Gear

Collect the Blackhole Gems to create the Omni Crystal and unlock the Hyperspace Mutant gear! Each gem costs 25000 gold.

  • Gamma Gem: available Wednesday, May 14th
  • X-Ray Gem: available Friday, May 16th
  • Ultraviolet Gem: available Monday, May 19th
  • Infrared Gem: available Wednesday, May 21th

You want to hack away at enemies? DO EET!

Merge the Blackhole Gems to create the Omni Gem and unlock the following gear:

  • Timber-Wolferine Armor
  • Two Long Laserblades
  • Slick Chops Helm
  • Slicked-back Locks
  • One Long Claw Blade
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