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February 07, 2018

Hero's Heart Day 2018 is Here!

Sometimes the best pairings don’t make sense.

Recipe for love: Vordred the PaladinSlayer + Beleen + Cupid’s Cursed ArrowsBeleen loves everyo- wait… Vordred?! This weekend, log in and fight to help your old enemy win the hand of his Pink Princess (and see who else fell prey to Swaggy's plotting). The undead may never die, but maybe they can finally learn how to love.

After you battle your way through the event, take on the boss for a chance to get the pieces of the NecROMANCE set, along with the resources to create gear in the merge shops.

New Holiday Event Gear

Getting the sweet new Valentine’s Day gear will be as easy as falling in love! The new VorDREAD armor setand Chateau Swaggy house  arrive this weekend plus, return on Wednesday, February 14th to find Aranx’s adorable Armor l’Amour set.

VorDread Armor set

Armure L'Amour set arrives on Wednesday, February 14th!

DanielPP2's Festa das Cores Carnaval set also arrives in the Featured Gear Shop this weekend as we continue our Carnaval 2018 celebration!

Hero's Heart Day Lineup

This year's Hero's Heart Day is full of love... and not the couples you'd expect. But if you were looking for holiday gear, we've got you covered! All our seasonal zones and rewards include, PLUS:

Hero's Heart Day event rares shop Find the VorDread armor set and both the Swaggy of Love and Pinky the Unicorn pets in the Featured Gear Shop in your game menu starting tonight.

Beleen's Pink Dye merge shop Complete the holiday event, then battle the boss to gather the Pink Dye Beleen needs to pink-ify your gear. 

  • Magentity Armor
  • Mrs. Cuddles Pet and helm
  • Fists of Fierceness
  • Like a Pretty Moglin BattlePet
  • Pink Socktana
  • Pinky's Uni-Horn
  • Pink Chainsaw Katana
  • Sparkler of Love
  • Pink Unarmed 
  • Derp Llama Overlord armor and morph
  • Rose Ebil Ninja and Hood

Chateau of LOVE house shop  Complete the holiday event, then talk to the Bouncer outside Chateau Swaggy to begin his quest for SwagBucks. Spend those in his House Shop or battle the boss to get a mansion's worth of lovely furniture for your house (28 new items in all)

There are two houses releasing this weekend:

  • Chateau Swaggy House: available for 2000 ACs (9 rooms: including the VIP lounge, stargazing, and deck rooms)
  • Manor of Love House: 1% drop from the event boss (5 rooms)

See the Manor of Love House here

The /Party for Carnaval Continues!

Our Carnaval 2018 celebration continues this weekend! Find the Festa das Cores (Party of Colors) armor set in the Featured Gear Shop in your game menu, created exclusively for AQWorlds by fellow hero and artist, .

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