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September 21, 2012

Guild Rush

Join a Guild and Battle On!

Every Hero can use a good group of allies to relay on, and where better to find new friends than in a Guild? J6 knows that, so get your Guild together and talk to him in Battleon because he's got a Bounty of Bosses for you to battle! Bring back the goods he's after to access his Boss Bounty Merge shop!

The Judgment Guild laying the smack (and the justice) down!

Starting this weekend, all players can join a Guild,* but upgrading your account lets you create a Guild of your own! And if you need to take on a BIG challenge but don't have enough Guild members, tonight you can begin purchasing more member slots for your Guild, as well!**

The mostly-done Guild User Interface (click to enlarge)!

Click on your in-game options, then on the Guild List button to view the Guilds List and member slot purchase!

* Guild Leaders DO NOT need your password to add you to their Guild. DO NOT give out your password to anyone, even AQWorlds staff members.

** Remember, please report any bugs with the game on our Bugs forum! We can keep track of them better on there!

NEW Pirate Gear in Quibble's Shop!

Our newest Pirate gear is HOT! Tonight Blazing Naval Commanders can purchase their Blazing Tricorns, but we've ALSO got a Chaos Squid Pet, a Chaos Squid Cape, AND Dual Berry Mug Daggers!


Quibble's Talk Like a Pirate Day and the Limited Quantity Shop will remain in-game over the weekend, but they won't be here forever, so get the gear while it's still here!

PS: The Dage and Nulgath war rewards (Legacy of Nulgath and Paragon Armor sets) have been removed. They are now perma-rare!

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