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November 13, 2015

Friday the 13th is HERE

Voltaire, a Cursed Mirror, and the 13 LORDS OF DOOM!

The 13th Friday the 13th is HERE... and so is the Mysterious Stranger! Now that the Queen of Monsters has returned, the seals that once guarded our world have disappeared. And who else but the Mysterious Stranger would take advantage of this opportunity to invade our timeline!

But he won’t be alone…From the darkest corners of Lore, he's reached out to gather the dark residue left by the shadows of our universe's greatest villains... now the 13 Lords of Doom have been created - born of shadows and magic - to wreak havoc and destruction.

And they will stop at NOTHING until Battleon has been reduced to cinders! But fortunately... YOU will be there to make sure they don't succeed.* And you'll have help!

Work with Voltaire and Deady to gather the fragments of the Cursed Mirror of Enutrof to dispel the shadows that linger over Lore!

Voltaire Returns for Friday the 13th!

Voltaire is the maker of music, films, books, comics, toys and... mayhem. He has appeared in almost ALL of the AQWorlds Friday the 13th events... and has become a fan-favorite for our players (not to mention beloved by goths, trekkies, and music-lovers in general). If you aren't familiar with his music or other works, you should check his site out here

In addition to being an incredible artist, he's a downright amazing person to work with, and we're incredibly grateful for the time and energy he spent helping us with the release. On behalf of the entire AQWorlds team, we want to thank Voltaire for being a part of this special event! 

He also has some pretty wicked real-life merch in his online store, too! You can show your love back to our favorite tongue-in-cheek gypsie/pirate/goth musician by buying music or swag the official Voltaire’s Website.

Commander of Unicorns Medal    

Commander of Unicorns Medal!

Um... yes, apparently this actually existsl!
O_O In our January 2012 Friday the 13th event,
Voltaire formed an army of unicorn riders. You can
get the in-game version of the metal for free by
completing the quest. If you want a real life 
Commander of Unicorns Medal to match it... 
get it here.

Vorutanian Key Blade    

Vorutanian Key Blade Pendant

You've seen this legendary weapon in-game and now
you can wear it too! Buy your very own Vorutanian Key Blade pendant here. Who knows, maybe one day it will
help you save the world.


13 Lords of Doom Rares Shop

Starting tonight and through November 30th, you'll be able to find the spookiest, shadowiest, Friday the 13th gear EVER in your game menu! 

Based on the 13 Lords of Doom from the evnt's war, most of the shop gear will be available for AdventureCoins so you can store it for free forever!

The shop features:

  • Safiria and Valtrith's Armor set (armor, helm, and Valtrith's cape)
  • Vaal and Vayle's Armor set (armor, helm, and capes)
  • Doom Sepulchure armor set (armor, helm, sword, and capes)
  • Noxus, Lionfang, Sepulchure, and Vaal Unlucky Top Hats
  • Zorbak's Shadow staff
  • Sally's Doom Teddy Mace
  • Valtrith's Shadow Cape
  • and more!
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