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December 03, 2014

Frostval is BACK for 2014

Wreck the Halls and Ring the SLAY Bells!

Get ready for the return of AQW's coolest gear (literally!) this Friday as we bring back all of our previous years' Frostval events! Save Frostvale, stop the Ice Symbiote infection, watch a young Empress Gravelyn experience her first Frostval, and get SO MANY presents! 

Last year, one of our Twitter followers, VendettaSoul, sent us this very well-worded (and ominous!) message, and it still applies for this week:

Christmas time is here... Queztal makes you run in fear. Kezeroth, World chaorrupts, my favorite time of year. Lol  

This Friday, battle through all our existing Frostval zones:

  • Alpine Factory
  • Ice Cave
  • Snow Globe
  • Snow Path
  • Factory
  • Battlefield
  • Ice Cave
  • Ice Rise Keep
  • Ice Volcano
  • Snowy Vale

Legends can access the "Fall of IceRise Keep" storyline by talking to Moraine in /icerisepast to see the effects of Kezeroth's rise shortly before he woke from his ancient slumber!

So cold even the Ice Wolves fled!

New Frostval Event Begins in TWO WEEKS!

Normally, we have a Frostval event which ends in warmth, happiness, and fuzzy hugs. But NOT THIS YEAR! We've gotten a lot of questions about when the new story will begin, what the Last Stone of Battleon will do, etc. Well this month, we've got answers!

The Scythe of Dreams awaits.

We're using the time normally reserved for Frostval to set the stage for 2015 by introducing one of the next main villains. And to face him, you're going to need to travel to the NEW continent! Friday, December 19th, prepare yourself for:

Frostfall Invasion: Rise of the WorldBreaker!

Also coming this week

  • The Frostval Giftboxes arrive next Wednesday!
  • The BoneBreaker expansion package goes on sale Friday! 
  • The alternate Legion Vampire armor set arrives Friday!
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