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December 18, 2015

Frostval 2015: Cryostorm Assault

Karok Returns, and he's Hunting for the Champion of ICE!

Frostval is the season of hope and joy, a celebration of light and life. But this weekend, we return to Drakonus as the Queen of Monsters' icy General, Karok the Fallen, disobeys her orders and begins hunting for the new Champion of Ice. If he can destroy him before he unlocks his powers, he will be... UNSTOPPABLE!

This weekend, /join cryostorm to help the villagers of Cryostorm prepare for Frostvale. But beware, because Karok and the Frostspawn Horde are marching across the face of Snowspire Peak, and and this little town is right in the way of their warpath!

Complete the story quests to unlock the FrostSpawn Horde WAR!

Once you've helped the villagers of Cryostorm decorate for Frostval... it's time to WRECK the halls, because the Horde is invading, and they'll need your help to stop it! 

Raise the war meter in Cryowar up to 25% to unlock the 2nd cutscene, and find out just what Karok has in store for you! But beware... he has more forces hidden around Snowspire Peak - if he unleashes them, the war meter WILL rise! But once you DO get the war meter to 25%, you'll also unlock the Cryostorm Merge shop, filled with ice-cold gear! (Choices, choices!)


After completing the storyline in Cryostorm, /join CryoWar and take on the Frostspawn Horde! If you can get the war meter to 25% before Wednesday, the 2-room Moglin Hut house will be free for EVERYONE! 

A 3 room version (armor customization room!) MAY unlock... if you defeat the second challenge! But you won't find out about that until the first one is won... or lost!

And remember, Heroes...

The Queen of Monsters is ALWAYS watching. And she does NOT fear the cold... OR the Frostspawn.

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