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December 19, 2011

Song of the Frozen Heart , Part 2

Frostval Continues Friday!

The second part of this year's epic Frostval storyline, Song of the Frozen Heart, continues on Friday when you find out who is behind the insidious ice infection that has frozen the hearts and veins of many across the snow-covered lands of Lore.

Don't forget that QUIBBLE will also be getting in a new shipment of holiday rares and items that he will be adding to his current stock!

Quibble Gets A Buff!

As we promised, Quibble Coinbiter's shop will be expanded with a second round of Frostval themed items and armors just for you.

We will be adding the rest of Tomix's amazing frost items...

Along with some highly anticipated armors, like Aegis's Frost Jester and Dage's PermaFrost Legionaire and PermaFrost Sapiens sets and lots of other cool items!

If you're worried about missing any of these Quibble items for any of Beleen's Birthday merge items... Relax and enjoy the holidays. You've got plenty of time! Frostval, Quibble and Beleen's Birthday Shop will stay up until the beginning of next year!

Non-Member Bank Pets!

This Friday we will also introduce a new type of pet to the game: Bank Pets!

As the name would suggest, just click on any of these three new pets and it will open your bank from anywhere in the game!

They are NON-Member pets, they will ONLY work for the ower of the pet and they will cost 2000 ACs each. Twilly and Zorbak will be found in Aria's Pet shop and Valencia's AC shop from Friday onward, but the Frostval Quibble Bank Pet is a Guarenteed Rare that will leave the game when Quibble leaves battleon and will never be back again.

This has been an item that we've had in our heads since before AQW went into beta testing, and also a suggestion that we see quite regularly on the forums so we're happy that it's finally arrived.

Some of you will want to know why they pets cost so much. It's gets a little technical but I've already answered that question last week in THIS FORUM THREAD on THIS POST.

On a side note, I really had a lot of fun talking to you guys that day. I would like to thank every oneĀ  of you who participated that day for being patient with me as I tried to answer your questions. There is SO MUCH that goes on behind the scenes of AQW that nobody really knows about (but many THINK that they do). It's nice to be able to open the door a crack and let you peek in from time to time to see what's REALLY going on. It really made me happy to know that the forums can still be a supportive and interesting place for curious and players with smart questions and comments.

That whole thread is a pretty great example of what the AE Forums should be (and once was) and I hope to see things moving back that direction in the future! I will definitely be back more often as time permits.

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