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October 31, 2014

Voltaire Takes Over Mogloween

It's Friday the 31st, and Voltaire's Here to Terrify!

Battle alongside Voltaire and Deady as you adventure through Lore's darkest and deadliest tales! Survive the haunted House of Crusher, defy treachery as you hunt for the Cask of Amoglinado, and discover the Wyvern's greatest fear - a mysterious villain lurking in the shadows, waiting to bind you inside this book of horrors... FOREVER!

The spookiest tales of terror await you this Friday!

Prepare to be scared... and make sure you bring your sharpest blades because once you enter the book... you may NEVER get out!

  • Talk to Voltaire in /poehub to begin the adventure, then battle through:
  • The tale of The House of Crusher in /crusher
  • The story of The Cask of Amoglinado in /cask
  • A poem-parody of The Raven - The Wyvern in /wyvern

With 4 maps, 10 cutscenes, 13 quests, an entire novel full of new monsters, four shops full of gear, a Class and the most macabre boss Poe's dark dreams could design... this is one of our biggest releases in a long time! And speaking of gear... 

4 New Shops FULL of Gear!

Each of the four new maps tonight has an exclusive shop! The gear in the Mogloween Event Rares shop from Voltaire will only be available for a short time, but the gear in /crusher, /cask, and /wyvern will return EVER YEAR! /cheer

Mogloween Event Shop:

  • SpiderWitch armor set/helms
  • Dark Raven Shifter armor set
  • Masque of the Red Death armor set
  • Lycan Class (AC and rep versions)

House of Crusher Shop:

  • MetalMog Armor and Helm
  • MoggyHands

Cask of Amoglinado Shop:

  • Costumed Dragon-Moglin pets
  • Monstersor Jester armor and helm

The Wyvern (aka The Raven);

  • Creepy Clown armor  and helm

Don't Miss the Dark DragonMaster AC Package!

Unlock our newest, most masterful dragon set yet when you buy either a 12,000 or 5,000 AdventureCoin package! This exclusive set, made by Memet, includes an armor, 2 helms, 2 capes, 2 weapons, a character page badge, and the Dark DragonMaster's pet! Find all the details on how to get it here!

Forsaken Warlock/Dark DragonMaster Combo

The Forsaken Warlock Tier package leaves on November 7th, but until then, if you buy the Dark DragonMaster set with a 5k or 12k AC package, you will ALSO get the Forsaken Warlock gear which comes with your purchase! 

Get more Class Points and EXP through Sunday!

It's no trick this week, only treats! Log in every day this week and all weekend long as we celebrate Mogloween with higher rewards from every battle and quest you complete on all servers! Every day, we'll add MORE to the boost amount!

Voltaire has a terrifying tale in store for you: The Wyvern!

Serverwide boost schedule

  • Tonight: 15% more Class Points, plus 15% more EXP on Legend servers!
  • Saturday: 20% more Class Points, plus 20% more EXP on Legend servers!
  • Sunday: 25% more Class Points, plus 25% more EXP on Legend servers!
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