Design Notes

July 12, 2014

New Carnival of Fortune Gear

Wheels of Doom and Destiny Leave August 23rd

With the Carnival of Fortune closing its gates on August 23rd, we've added a ton of new gear as Wheel drops this weekend ! The items are also available from the merge shop for you to get with all the Fortune Potions you've saved up!

Prismatic Dragon Morph is color customizable!

If you haven't spun the Wheel yet this month, make sure you /join doom and spin this weekend. Every player who spins the Wheel before Monday will receive 5 free Spin Tickets. Every Legend will receive 25 free Spin Tickets! 

New Gear Showcase

Now available as drops from the Wheels of Doom and Destiny and their merge shops: 6 new armors, 8 new helms, 5 new capes, and 3 new weapons!

  • Prismatic Dragon Morph set
  • Shadow Dragon Morph set
  • Mountain Breaker set
  • Chaotic Mountain Breaker set
  • Obsidian Assassin armor and helm
  • Legion Obsidian Assassin armor and helm
  • Cagnazzo Plush mace
  • Wings of Ciriatto cape

The Wheels of Doom and Destiny

Not sure what the Carnival of Fortune is? Here's an info breakdown.

  • /Join Doom to go to the Wheel of Doom
  • Spin the Wheel for a chance to get some cool new gear
  • Every time you spin, you get 10000 gold, a Fortune Potion, an XP Boost and a chance for a bonus item
  • Get more Spin Tickets for 200 ACs each, or buy a stack of 10 for 1500 ACs
  • Save up your Fortune Potions and use them to buy other prizes from the Wheel of Doom merge shop

Want to know more? Here's a FAQ with more details:

Returning Items Arrive Monday

Back in April, we cycled out the 1% drop items to make room for new ones. When we did that, we said the gear leaving would return at some point in the future. With the Wheels and much of their gear going rare*, we need to do that before August 23rd. Those items will return Monday, and all the 1% items will receive a slightly increased drop rate.

* It is possible some of the gear made for and only available from the Wheels will be redistributed to other shops or functionality. The 1% drops will not be included in that list. 

Battleon PVP Release Update

Yorumi is back to work on the "Room Full" issue from last night's release that is still affecting some of you. We will get that taken care of as soon as possible! Coming this week, we will add PVP Combat Trophy drops to /battleonpvp, as well.

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