Design Notes

November 28, 2014

Battle the AbominEATER!

Time to Clean Up After the Feast!

After Dage's Legion attacked Battleon and destroyed the Harvest Feast, YOU have to save what's left(overs)! Take on Goredon Rampage and the AbominEATER and serve up some just desserts!

This feast was to DIE for!

Because the Legion had the higher war meter as of release time, they win their war objective! A permanent recruiting station will be placed in Battleon to bring new Heroes to the Legion and give existing members new quests to do and gear to get!

AQW Hero Vadurr says: NO SOUP FOR YOU!

Boss drops for dessert:

  • Legion Airstrike Pet
  • Legion Cannon Pet
  • Dual Abomineator Axes
  • Double-Headed Abomineator Poleaxe
  • Dual Rampage Katanas
  • Rampage Morph
  • Rampage Morph Locks

Black Friday 2014 Shop Leaves December 8th

Talk to Zorbak in Battleon for the Black Friday 2014 shop FULL of dark and half-off gear, including the Evolved Legion Vampire, Dark Dreadhaven General, and more! The shop leaves December 8th!

Shadow Drakath is always right behind you!

Weekend Updates

  • The Countdown to Black Friday and Fallenfire shops will be added back to Zorbak in Battleon.
  • The Ultra Shadow Vampire Scythe quest will be added back early next week.
  • Cyber Monday begins THIS Monday, December 1st!
  • The FallenFire AND the Black Friday Prize Rush winners will be chosen early next week.
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