Design Notes

March 16, 2011

Absolute Pandamonium

Fat Panda App now available on Android Market!

It’s finally here! Our first ever App is now available on the Android Marketplace!

fat panda app

In a world where the ultimate food fight rages on, Fat Panda needs your help at becoming the Fattest Panda of them all. Saturate your blubber bear with complex carbohydrates as you gulp, slurp, fart and burp your way to high caloric victory.

fat panda fooooddds

Features 8 calorie-consuming levels of buffet-style pandemonium, 20 unlockable achievements from Grease Monger to Milkshaker to Ultra Caloric, a highest calories consumed counter, and explosive gameplay (…literally!) right at your fingertips!

fat panda levels

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeep =D I am sooo totally excited and haven’t been able to stop playing! Yup. That’s right. I’m typing with one hand right now while playing Fat Panda with the other. So I apologize for any tpyos or run-on sentences or misplaced links beca—OMGwhyarethereSOMANY derpwatermelonsmakingabeelineformypanda?!!1!!?one!?!!

My panda's highest calorie intake is 282. Can you beat that?

I wanna give a great big panda hug and an even bigger thanks to the Team responsible for such an awesome game. Without the hard work from Yorumi, Jemini, Safiria, Lodarazs, Warlic, and your goofiest & pinkest friend, Fat Panda would have never been possible…or playable!... on Android Phones.

Wat about iPhones?!

Don’t worry—Fat Panda is coming SOON to an iPhone near you. Warlic gave me the reason as to why Fat Panda is taking longer for approval in the iPhone App Store… but I forgot… because I was too busy typing these Design Notes AND playing Fat Panda on my Droid…! LOL whoops!

Wats with the fat pandas?

Oh…haven’t you heard? You’re tellin’ me you don’t know the story behind Fat Pandas?


In an appetizer-sized summary, Fat Panda was one of the games created in the 40-hour AE Game-tastic Game Challenge. Fat Panda won 2nd Place in a company-wide vote based off overall performance, graphics appeal, and replay value. And since everyone seemed to LOVE this pudgy panda in all its OMNOMNOM glory, we were like ‘oh hey, why not make it a game on the phone?'

You can read more about the entire Fat Panda history here!   

Okay. I gatta get back to super important stuff. Like beating my own high score =3

Get Fat Panda on your Android Phone now for only $0.99!

Battle Om Nom Nom!

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