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November 13, 2015

Evolved Pumpkin Lord Class

Squash your opponents as an Evolved Pumpkin Lord!

Last Friday, the Evolved Pumpkin Lord Class went live! For years, heroes have been asking us to release an evolved version of the Pumpkinlord Class, and THIS is the year! If you haven't had a chance to pick it up and squashed your enemies yet, check out the skills breakdown below!

How to Get the Class?

The Class, Armor, and Helm will be available in three ways:

  • To all players for 2000 AdventureCoins (if you do not want to farm) 
  • As a member-only drop Great Pumpkin King
  • For members in the Mogloween Merge Shop for Glowing Pumpkinseeds

To get the Legion version of the armor, helms, and capes (no separate class), you'll need your Legion Tokens handy! You'll be able to turn them at the Mogloween Merge Shop.

This gear will ONLY be available during Mogloween each year, so don't miss out! And now... on to Zereldo's skill breakdown!

Evolved Pumpkin Lord Class History

Hey everyone it’s Zereldo here. The PumpkinLord Class made its first appearance in AQW during mogloween 2008 (based off the Dragonfable class) with moves exactly the same as the warrior class. This week, 7 years later, we finally get to see a PumpkinLord class with its own moves!

Evolved PumpkinLord Breakdown!

ManaRegen:  Evolved PumpkinLords regenerate mana in the same way rogues do. Whenever you dodge or crit you will regain some of your mana. Dodging also gives you some of your HP back.

Stats and Enhancements: Evolved PumpkinLords  gain mana from all hits landed in combat,and especially on crits. The amount depends on damage relative to *their own* HP total.

Auto Attack
2 second cooldown.
A basic attack, taught to all adventurers.       

Rank 1: Vine whip
15 Mana, 4 Second Cooldown.
You use a pumpkin vine as a whip which deals high damage. Cannot miss but cannot crit.

Your first move is nice and simple. It’s decent damage that you can always rely on set to do roughly 50% more damage than your auto attack. You’ll never cit but you’ll also never miss and with a short cooldown you can use it alot.

Rank 2:  Siphon 
25 Mana, 12 second cooldown.
You grab your opponent with your vines and siphon life and energy from them! You gain a 20% haste boost and a reasonable HoT (360%) for 8 seconds. If ready to sprout is applied you take 20% less damage. Ready to sprout is absorbed.

This move is a self buff increasing your haste which lets you use your moves more often and granting you a fairly sized heal over time. It should do a decent job at sustaining your HP unless you start using your rank 5 move. Using this in conjunction with your third move’s ready to sprout effect allows for a lot of extra damage resistance meaning your heal over time will be even more effective.


Rank 3:  Seed of despair 
20 Mana, 15 second cooldown.
You sow seeds of despair and plant them in your foes. Applies drained of strength which makes your opponent take 15% more damage and deal 15% less for 10 seconds. Also applies ready to sprout, which has extra effects on the other moves.

I would recommend keeping this move active whenever possible. You’ll do more damage making the final move more worth while, and take less damage allowing for your heal to have a greater effect in terms of overall HP management. The ready to sprout effect has different results based on whether you use it with your rank 2 or rank 5 move. Make sure you know which one you want to use it for because it will be a while before you can use it again.

Rank 4: Thorns & Fertilized
Increases Damage by 10% and haste by 10%
This is nice and simple, all your moves do more damage and can be used more often.

Rank 5: Explosive Pumpkins
10% of HP, 4 second cooldown.
At the cost of 10% of your HP you grow specialised explosive pumpkins that detonate in a ball of glorious flames. If ready to sprout is applied, a DoT is also applied. Ready to sprout is absorbed.


This is my favourite move. It’s a guaranteed critical hit that you can use over and over   again until you run out of HP. This is all about risk and reward. The heal overtime will reduce how much this hurts you but won’t be able to do that and counteract the damage you are taking from opponents at the same time. In addition you can maximise the overall damage dealt by activating ready to sprout for a Damage over time on your enemies.

Overall Summary

As far as the class working as a whole all the haste allows for you to use the final move even more often, at the expense of bringing your health down even faster. You will always have your rank 1 move for reliable damage, but you can start dishing out a whole lot more with your final one.  The strategic choices you have to make are how often do you want to use your rank 5 move, and whether you want the added effects of ready to sprout to do more damage to your opponents, or reduce the damage dealt to you.

Fighter will get you a higher base damage and critical hit chance, give you more health to work with, and a more powerful HoT. Overall you’ll do less damage but have higher sustainability.

Lucky will give you lower base damage, lower HoT less health to work with and larger crit damage. You’ll do more damage with less sustainability.

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