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August 09, 2012

Dage vs Nulgath Rewards

This is what you're fighting for, heroes!

This war of Evil Commanders has been fueled by the argument of who is Eviller, but also who has the better rewards to entice warriors to join their ranks! (They're Evil and they embrace that. It's good to know who you really are.) So let's get right to showing off the newest gear they've got planned!

Dage's Legion War Reward!

If Dage's Undead Legion wins the war, you'll unlock the Paragon Armor Set! Come on, Legion, you can do it! /cheer

The following Dage gear will go RARE 2 weeks after the war ends:

  • ALL of the items in the Dage AC Rares shop
  • ALL of the items in the Legion Merge Shop EXCEPT Evolved BladeMaster Armor
  • ALL of the farming quests in the /evilwardage map

Coming to Dage's war merge (not Legion) shop this week:

Assassin of the Abyss Armor and Helm!

Nulgath Nation War Reward!

If Nulgath's Nation wins the war, you'll unlock the Larval Form of Nulgath armor! Come on, Nation, you're almost there! /cheer

Color-Custom Legacy of Nulgath Armor

The following Nulgath gear will go RARE 2 weeks after the war ends:

  • ALL of the items in the Nulgath AC Rares and House shop
  • ALL of the items in the Diamond Merge Shop EXCEPT Abyssal Priest of Nulgath
  • ALL of the farming quests in the /evilwarnul map

Coming for Nulgath's Nation this week:

 Worshipper Visage of Nulgath (Diamonds), Key of Revontheus Blade (Diamond or AC)!

What does it take to make a war? 

In this war between two of AQWorlds' greatest artists, the entire team pulled out all the stops! To showcase the war between Dage and Nulgath, we created:

  • 130+ reward items
  • An entirely new zone
  • 11 new monsters
  • 4 new cutscenes
  • 1 new cinematic
  • 3 new songs
  • 8 new farming quests

The more content we put in our releases, the happier you guys are! But that also means the room for errors raises exponentially. We correct glitches (like the infinite gold Unidentified 13 glitch) as soon as we find them. We prefer a working game to a broken one, and we think most of you do, too.

Player Feedback and Plans

AE is a company built on direct player feedback; we always want to know what you think of our plans and how we can make them even MORE awesome!  But sometimes things get so hectic that the ideas we throw out on Twitter, the forum, or Facebook never make it to the rest of the team. So, just a reminder:

For OFFICIAL announcements of what's coming in AQWorlds, read the Design Notes! (You've already found them, so you're one step ahead.) Anything not said here is NOT finalized for release. It's an idea, a thought, a "would this be cool?"

And even then, plans may change. Nothing is final until it's released.* As much as we may WANT to do something, sometimes we find out that it's just not possible. But to end on a positive note...

Yorumi has made excellent progress with Guilds: Phase 1! We are still looking at a release date for Phase 1 before Summer ends.**

* Note this for the following section on Guilds.
** See first asterisk.

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