Design Notes

August 08, 2016

DragonSlayer General Class Changes

Read on for changes and rebalancing information

Increased damage on Seared to 250% from 180%

We wanted to make this THE go to class for fighting dragons and wanted to readjust where the power of the class was to reflect that. We buffed up the damage on Seared substantially to make sure Dragonslayer General was always your number one choice when taking down that Dragonkin.

Basilisk Strike Mana Change

Reduced mana to 10 from 12, increased chance to get sapped to 50% from 30% reduced damage on hit from 180% to 160%.

We had to reel back a tiny bit on the on hit damage now that Seared was quite a bit stronger and so we reduced Basilisk Strike by 20%.

We were also looking for places where we could help mana regen on both dragonkin and non-dragonkin and since you’re spamming Basilisk Strike that 2 extra mana should help a lot. Also 50% from 30% chance on Sapped Mana means it’s up pretty much all the time. You should not be having any more mana issues vs dragonkin (within reason).

Drake Tongue Buff Change

We split up buffs to apply 20% on non dragonkin +20% additional on Dragonkin, reduced mana to 15 from 20, made it an aoe 6 targets and deals 100% weapon damage on hit from 80%.

Drake Tongue felt like a core part of how Dragonslayer General fought but only when fighting dragonkin. The class played completely differently without that 40% haste buff so we split it up so that you still get the full 40% vs dragonkin but when fighting outside of dragonkin, you can reduce your cooldowns and get Ancient Rites up again much sooner.

Finally, we made it AoE because first off, you regain way more mana with fighting multiple foes and secondly, you’re a general and you should be doing everything in your power to help out your party, so now you can pull aggro off that healer that’s about to die!

Piercing Wyvern’s Eye Now Ranged

This skill is now long ranged, changed it from variable damage to consistent, 5 second cd from 6 second cd, added +5% crit damage per stack

Piercing Wyvern’s Eye felt a little lackluster since it was expensive, had a somewhat long cooldown and took 5 stacks before it was at full strength. We reduced the cooldown so it’s easier to keep your stacks up and added some crit damage to go along with your passive buff. It also applies when not fighting dragonkin.

The damage was changed from variable to consistent so that you have less RNG to rely on. Finally, we made it long range to help out with targeting and so that you can see that sweet projectile VFX.

Ancient Rites Stays the Same

This skill was left as is since it gets indirectly buffed from the extra damage you’re dealing with the other skills. Make sure to save your mana so that you always have it up since it’s your core heal and defensive skill, not to mention all the extra damage you’re dealing from Talon Twisting.

The class's passive skills also remain changed.

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