Design Notes

June 19, 2015


"Space.... is not the final frontier"

It is an honor creating Dread Space for you alongside our talented team! I really hope you enjoy it. The last adventure I created for you was DoomWood... and if you were hoping for an equally shocking major plotline spoiler at the end, I dare you to make it to the end of this special release's storyline. Beam aboard the transforming Starship Paladin... you are the only person I trust to help with a mission this important. More than just the galaxy depends on our success. When one Paladin battles the evil undead... we all do. "SO SLAY WE ALL!"

Ebil Dread Space


  • 32 new "Dread Space" Storyline Quests
  • 12+ Bonus Challenge & "Replicator Item" Quests
  • Originally we planned to have a level 5+ and a level 40+ version of the adventure. Due to some bugs the high level version will not be available yet. But everyone can play.
  • Use the Replicator to make stuff!
  • 2 new "VERY LARGE" new.. um... "Houses"
    (If you can technically have a house in..... space)
  • Majority of items are free for all players through questing... including future Artix's Space Paladin Armor & Helm.
  • As promised: You can upgrade your Daimyo pet using the Replicator


Dread Space Limited Quantity Shop


Also this weekend... the limited quantity shop is opening with incredible rares from our artists Dage, Nulgath and Memet that will never be available again. The first shop opens tonight (Friday night, June 19th, 11:00pm EST) Read the full details here


This is only the beginning... prepare for an epic summer! Next Friday, Cysero will be releasing the special adventure he wrote for you. Then, the following Friday, Beleen and Nulgath are teaming up for yet another special release! THEN... I am going to create our first "living dungeon." Keep checking the design notes for more. If you are enjoying the game and our hard work, please consider supporting us by getting a membership or some AdventureCoins. Battle on!

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