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April 25, 2014

A Plague of Dragons

Tonight: return to Etherstorm to save the dragons!

Darkness has fallen over Etherstorm. The elemental dragons are dying mysteriously, and no magic is able to save them! Search through the homecity of the Elemental Dragons to discover where this plague came from and how it infects them.

The Deadliest Plague the Dragons have ever seen!

Time is running out, and as the dragons die one by one, so does Lore’s future! Make sure you've finished the Desoloth the Final storyline that begins in /firestorm, then hurry to /join dragonhame. Once you're there, work with Drakor and the townspeople of Dragonhame to discover who - or what - is killing them before dragons outside of Etherstorm are infected, too!

Defend Dragonhame while Warlic is away!

Tonight:DragonFlight's Reach Blade

Coming tonight, talk to Aniya in Dragonhame to get your own DragonFlight's Reach blade for 1000 AdventureCoins from her weapon shop for a limited time. Within this blade dwells the spirit of an ancient dragonmaster... wield it well to save the dragons of Etherstorm! 

The sword will evolve as the Dragon's Plague story continues. Next week: horns! 3rd week: OMG Dragon Buff! You can also find a TON of new gear (and your old favorites from the original storyline) in the Dragonhame shops! Run around town to meet the townspeople and find out about life serving dragons!

You'll find the Amethyst Dragon Wander set and more dropping from the boss in tonight's release! If you're going to save Etherstorm, you're going to need to fight hard and fast, because time and plague wait for no hero! (The set below, though, will be available for ALL players forever!)

  • Il’Lar’s Armors
  • Aniya’s Weapons 
  • Phelan’s Brews 
  • Sh’Ariel’s Helms
  • Kl’ing’s Capes 

New Wheel of Doom Drops and Merge Shop Gear!

Find the Dark Exosuit Binsuko set in the Wheel of Doom and Destiny merge shops! This set will be around for several months, so you've got time to save up the Fortune Potions to get it! 

The armor costs 150 Fortune Potions, but because Legends get a free spin on the Wheel EVERY DAY, hundreds of Legendary Heroes already have the gear! The entire set will be around for several months, so if you don't have enought potions NOW, you can save up for them!

Also added tonight:

  • Twig's Undead Fwish (will leave that the same time as the Dark ExoSuit Binsuko set)
  • Treasure Chest Keys (drop from the Wheels, not in the merge shop)

The 1% drops in the Wheels of Doom and Destiny will change out NEXT Friday, so now's your last chance to get them for many months (they will return early next year)!

Don't miss this week's other releases:

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