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May 25, 2012

AQWorlds: Zombies Continues

Zombie attacks spread across Lore!

Are you caught up in AQWorlds: ZOMBIES?! If you haven't played through Doomwood Parts 1, 2, and last week's Zombie War, you'll want to catch up before you /join doomwar THIS week!

Sepulchure's toxic fog is spreading across Lore, zombifying everyone it touches! Already, one of your friends has fallen; this week, you will need to race across Lore, battling in different locations to help save those you hold dear before they turn undead!

/Join doomwar NOW to find Artix, who is holding down the war camp. His missions will guide you through the war as you race to save your friends and the world from the Zombie threat!

  • You can go straight to the /doomwar map once you defeat the war boss again!
  • War shops unlock at 50% and 100%!
  • War rewards and merge shop resources drop from all monsters!
  • New quests for the BLoD and Sepulchure's Armor chains in Necropolis!
  • Member-only exp/gold farming map AND quests at /yulgarzombie!
  • Find out which of your friends falls to the zombie fog?!

Who is the Champion of Light?!

At long last, the answer will be revealed, but you'll have to defeat the war first! So many of you have been guessing for so long, I think every character in the game has been mentioned at least once! (Except Dage the Evil. No one guessed him for some reason...) Battle on to find out, and battle FAST, because we cannot wait to see your reaction to this cutscene!

Quibble Coinbiter Returns to Battleon!

Scroll down a bit to see all of the epically awesome gear that Zombie Quibble has brought to Battleon this weekend! Members: make sure you pick up your 1 AC (one AC) Heroic ZombieSlayer Armor! Non-members can get this armor for 3,000 ACs.

New to Quibble! This time around we're trying something new: an investment trinket. Members and non-members can each buy a version of the Investment Trinket for 1,000 ACs. After the Quibble shop leaves, the trinket's sell-back price will change. The member trinket will sell back for more than the non-member trinket, but both will give you MORE ACs than you bought it for! Do NOT sell the trinket before we announce it's time or you will not get the new sell-back price.

Don't Forget!

  • Limited Time Zombie Caear Shop leaves next Wednesday!
  • Artix and Sepulchure Action Figures are now in all Toys "R" Us stores and at!
  • Zhimaira's "Artix vs Sepulchure" and "Zombies" art contest is underway! Submit today!
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