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April 22, 2016

DeathKnight Lord Class Skills!

Unlock DeathKnight Lord Class This Weekened!

AQWorlds Members can become just like Vaden to crush your foes while gathering their bones as resources. 

How to get the Class 

  • Spend AdventureCoins: Until May 1st, the AC version of the Class is 20% off! That means you will only need to spend 1600 ACs to buy it. On May 1st, the price will increase to the regular 2000 ACs.
  • Spend Time: Complete the "Slithering Shadows" daily quest in Shadowfall to get 30 Shadowed Skulls. Then turn those in to the Merge Shop in /bonecastle to create the 0 AC version of the Class.

No matter which way you unlock the Class, BOTH versions will be non-member AC, so you can use it forever once your membership expires! 

Note: the Armor version of the art and all the accessories will ALSO be available as rewards from this week's exclusive member zone in the Skull Towers!

Crush your enemies!

Heya guys, it’s Sync. Note that this is not my Class and I’m not the Designer of it. This is Arklen’s Class, he’s been working very hard with other designs and coding so I’ll be here to explain Death Knight Lord to you all. DeathKnight Lord is a tanky AoE DoT Based Class that’s designed to hold aggro for your allies while they put down the hard DPS. Don’t get it wrong though, this Class still puts out a lot of damage for it’s purpose. With constant DoT rolling on the opponent, you also apply AoE debuffs and have a very reliable sustain in the midst of all of this.

DeathKnight Lord Skill Breakdown!

Mana Regeneration: This Class has a very unique Mana Regeneration. It’s the same as DeathKnight, ALL Damage you do will be compensated into your mana regen, so more damage, more mana. 
Stats: This Class is a Fighter, so very High Endurance and Strength will be your two main sources of your Damage and Tankiness.

Auto Attack 
2 Second Cooldown A basic attack, taught to all adventurers. The description explains itself.

Harvest Bone
8 Mana
3.5 Second Cooldown

Strengthen your Gauntlet by harvesting the bones of your enemies. Bone Harvested causes more damage over time with each stack and improves the power of your gauntlet, which buffs other abilities. Stacks up to 10 times and hits up to 3 enemies and lasts for 16 seconds if not restacked.

This is your bread and butter to help you become the massive wall you lead up to be. Always use this whenever this is up, constantly applying a stacking DoT and to further improve your other skills abilities.

Curse of Grimskull
15 Mana
6 Second Cooldown

Curse up to 3 foes with the burden of Grimskull and inflict a damage over time and also slows your foes haste and forces them to attack you. Enemy's haste reduce more with more stacks of Bone Harvested.
This is your aggro move. Pull strong monsters off your allies immediately with this skill. Does a good amount of damage and lowers their haste so you can tank more hits by getting hit less. (funny right) Sync this with Harvest Bone to maximize the debuff.

Bone Gauntlet
25 Mana
15 Second Cooldown

Strike with your Bone Gauntlet and Deathgrasp your enemies. Up to three foes feeling their life slowly crushed causing damage over time and reducing their damage output. Enemy's damage reduced more with more stacks of Bone Harvested. Has a small chance to give you a Calcium Rush, buffs your Haste by 30% for 6 seconds.

This is somewhat a nuke, the original DeathKnight was known to hit very hard with this skill but not hit up to 3 people! Reduces their damage further based on the stacks of Bone Harvested. You have a 10% chance to apply Calcium Rush, if you do, you become this unstoppable wall with massive DPS for 6 seconds. It’s very rewarding.

Bone Armor & Massive Gauntlet
Increases Damage Resistance & Hit Chance by 20%

This improves your overall tankiness and consistency within the Class, you need to make sure you pull aggro and can take hits for your allies.

20 Mana
20 Second Cooldown

You tap into the power of Death to pull your form back together. Heals you a moderate amount, and significantly increases your Damage Resistance for 10 seconds, increased by stacks of Bone Harvested. Also applies Tainted Marrow which reduces your Damage Output and Crit Chance for 6 seconds.
Here’s where the tankiness lies, compared to DeathKnight, this heal is godly. (if you used DeathKnight you would know.)

Also you apply a HUGE Damage Resistance buff on yourself only gets stronger with Harvest Bone.At the cose of this skill you lower your damage output and crit chance for the duration. It’s not so bad while you rely on your constant DoT while you tank tank for you allies.

Final Word
Rank 10 Passive

Rarely, a frozen wave explodes out of you smiting your foe with all of the finality of death itself. What can I say? POW!


I recommend Fighter and Luck for this class all the way. You need the raw Strength and Endurance to be as beefy as possible to be a wall for your allies, or be an unstoppable force to your enemies. 

Fighter: While the Class sources it’s damage and tankiness from the Strength and Endurance, it’s the best enchant for it. Overall Strength gives you raw damage and Crit Chance. Endurance completely sources to your overall Hit Points to to absorb more hits.

Luck: Honestly luck does this class very well, when you apply Calcium Rush, the high Crit Chance and Damage already coming off of the Luck stat itself will make you a temporarily DPS monster critting very hard and often. It’s not bad with the amount of Aoe this Class comes with as well as making your Heal have a higher Chance to Crit and Crit higher.

Overall Summary

In conclusion, DeathKnight Lord was a fresh restart to all the tank Classes in AQW. This gives a new era for tanks starting with this Class in my opinion. With a reliable and mediocre DPS from your DoT and Gauntlet, you can face tank multiple enemies for your allies or if you’re just by yourself. Use Harvest Bone as often as possible, to increase your DPS and your other skills effects to maximize the gameplay. Curse of Grimskull and Bone Gauntlet source from your Harvest Bone to improve your tankiness while making you a very annoying person to deal with. In PvP these two skills will be your best friends, putting out solid damage while debuffing multiple enemies. Cerement when you’re taking too much damage to sacrifice damage for sustain briefly. Note all skills on the Class are AoE so be careful or you might pull the wrong monster to you. (Ex -Random Nulgath Crit)

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