Design Notes

October 22, 2010

PINK Design Notes Pink!?!?

Beleen is in charge this week O_O

The design notes... Beleen... why.... why...... oh.. may the fates have mercy on us all... 

Cysero.... please come back home soon!!!!


On the weekend of November 7th, the team and I will be running a booth at the ShadoCon convention in Tampa, Florida (The BattleBooth!) One Eyed Doll will be there too! You can meet us and hang out! If you bought anything on HeroMart and would like it signed, bring it :-) We will also have stuff there with us (including the new Novel and 2011 Calendar) At the same time, not far away in Tampa, Voltaire will be receiving an award at an independent film festival for his recent short film. 

Several months ago, when I heard we were all going to be in the same place at the same time I extended an invitation for One Eyed Doll and Voltaire to come stay at my new home while in town. There is only one catch... the house is not finished or livable yet. With only two weeks left before they are in town... I am missing a few things: A Floor. Power. Furniture. Lights. There is water! But no faucets or tiles in the showers or anything to stop the water from destroying everything in sight. So I did exactly what you would expect me to do... I called them up. Then, in my most confident smiling voice said, "No problem, your room will be ready when you arrive!*" You guys have seen the team pull off some pretty crazy things online in only two weeks -- but this one pretty much moves to the impossible category. I have always believed that we are capable of doing anything. You just have to believe in yourself and no matter how bad it looks, NEVER EVER give up**. The upside is, if I can actually do it...  the first night I spend in the new home will be the same night my guests arrive***!

* 100 gold says Kimberly choses the DoomKnight Room. (That is a projection from my laptop so we can carve a sculpture of it into the wall.) The room is going to be decorated according to Voltaire's book: Paint it Black.
** Although you never know when something unexpected comes up
*** Someone better clear those backup drives off the comfy couches at the lab just to be safe ;-)

Don King?

Apparently we have a conference call with Don King tonight around 5. Does this mean he wants to promote PvP in AQworlds or do I need to start boxing? ...this is such a weird month!! (Update: Awww... I did not get to speak to Don King directly :-( They have a big boxing match coming up in November. I am not sure if AQWorlds is the best venue to promote boxing... which is sort of wierd, because I think football/soccer, race cars, skiing, etc would be fine. What do you think? Are you a boxing fan?)

Happy Mogloween!

Happy Mogloween friends... This release is a classic parody of a classic... and we found a way to make it even MORE "corn"-y. Also, there is a full moon tonight and Beleen is bringing back the 24-hour full moon shop. Gear up for next week Chaos Lord Battle. Battle on!

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