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April 22, 2014

Design your own AQW Release

New Contest puts YOU in charge!

Yes. You read that right. Alina, Artix, and the whole team wants YOU to create a brand new release in AdventureQuest Worlds!

Zard meme Design a Release Contest

We know you’re super excited—and for good reason too! But you’ll need to follow all the rules for your idea to be eligible. So listen up!!

Contest Timeframe

  • Begins Tuesday, April 22, 2014
  • Ends Tuesday, April 29, 2014, at 11:59pm EST

Contest Location

Contest Components

This new contest just started on the Forums. You have 1 week to plan out a new weekly release following these guidelines and parameters: 

  • Overview of Release (~1-3 paragraphs long)
    • Tell us YOUR story in 500 words or less!
    • Must be a complete storyline from start to finish (so no cliffhangers)

  • Map location; choose 1 of the following places:
    • Arcangrove
    • Sandsea
    • Lolosia
    • Yokai Island
    • Mirror Realm in Battleoff
    • Neverglades
    Suggest a map name for your area. It should match the theme of the general area you want to set your release in.

  • Monsters; choose 4-7 of the following baddies:

    • Arcangrove monsters:
    • Seed Spitter, Gorillaphant, Chaos Sprites, Acornet, Karasu, Swamp Frgodrake, Swamp Lurker, Anglerfish, Merdraconian, Elementals (Earth, Fire, Water, Wind), Scoria Serpent, Living Fire, Volcanic Maggot, Mana Imp, Mana Falcon

    • Sandsea monsters:
    • Bupers Camel, Cactus Creeper, Horc Sell-Sword, SandShark, Tomb Robber, Anubis DeathGuard, Golden Scarab, Mummy, Kalestri Hound, Kalestri Worshiper, Lotus Spider

    • Lolosia monsters:
    • Fishman Soldier, Fishwing, Shark Bait, Undead Pirate (you can add other monsters to Lolosia from anywhere in the game!)

    • Yokai monsters:
    • Kappa Ninja, Absolute Zero, NekoYasha, NOTruto, Pockey Chew, Ryoku, Spork-ion, Ninja Nopperabo, Samuari Nopperabo, Tanuki, Tsukumo-Gami, Funa-Yurei, Neko Matta, Skello Kitty

    • Mirror Realm monsters:
    • Evil Moglin (you can add other monsters to the Mirror Realm from anywhere in the game!)

    • Neverglades monsters:
    • Chaorrupted Bear, Chaorrupted Wolf, Guru Chest, Leatherwing, Trobble, Dark Witch, Dreadspider, Marsh Lurker, Marsh Tree, Spider, Dark Elemental, Undead Berserker 

  • Boss; choose 1 of the following boss types*:
    • Undead
    • Dragonkin
    • Human
    • Orc
    • Elemental
    • *Note: if you want, you add a description to your Boss (what he looks like) and we’ll try our best to make it…without breaking the game engine lol!

  • NPC/quest giver
    • Choose any NPC currently in game
    • Create speech text for NPC:
    • Main text; ~4 sentences long
    • “More” text; explains details further, ~4 sentences long
    • Optional: additional text as needed, ~4 sentences long
  • Quests
    • 1st Quest
    • 2nd Quest
    • 3rd Quest
    • 4th Quest
    • 5th Quest
    • 6th Quest (optional)
    • 7th Quest (optional)
    • 8th Quest (optional)
    • 9th Quest (optional)
    • Final Quest: Boss Battle
    • Special Quest 1: Legend-only Quest
    • Special Quest 2: Legend-only Quest
  • Cutscenes*
    • 200 word summary of what you would like to happen in your opening cutscene.
    • 200 word summary of what you would like to happen in your closing cutscene.
    • * We reserve the right to change requests based on time/feasibility.
  • Item Rewards*!
    • 1 Armor
    • 1-2 Helms
    • 1-2 Capes
    • 1-3 Weapons
    • 1 Pet
    • *Bonus points if you pick items already in game** and describe “evolved” versions of them!
    • ** Excludes: Dage & Nulgath items; all Rare & Seasonal Rare items; and all special items obtained from HeroMart, gaming conventions, and contest rewards
    • We may add more items if we have time (and the steel)!
    • If there’s any kind of epic item that you want your release to focus on (ex: to find the whereabouts of the InsertNameHere Blade), be sure to make note of it!

Release Outline Template

Want to see a sample of how your AQW Release should look like? Check out the sample Google Doc here!

Contest Rules

  1. Design a brand new AQW release that includes all the parameters mentioned (Overview, Map, Monster list, Boss, NPC, Quests, and Items)
  2. You CAN work solo or with your friends to design this Release!
    • Bonus points if you’re all in the same Guild
    • Even more props if you and your Guild have a Guild Launch Hub page!
  3. Your Release submission MUST include your AQW character name, and any other AQW players that helped design this new Release
  4. Yes, you CAN include drawings/photos of your Release idea if you want (not necessary, but pretty!)
  5. You MUST have a valid Email Address linked to your AQWorlds account (this is how we will contact you if you win)
    1. Access your Account Manager here to change/update your Email address
  6. After following ALL THE RULES above, submit your awesome Release idea to the Official Contests Forum at� !

Sweet Contest Prizes

  • Work with the AQW team to bring your Release to life
  • Feature your Release as the newest AQW weekly release
  • Major shutout to you (and anyone else who helped!) on the Design Notes, Homepage, Facebook, and Twitter  
  • Obtain ALL item rewards from your release for FREE
  • Bonus AdventureCoins prizes if:
    • you designed this all by yourself: 2,000 ACs
    • you designed this with 1 other person: 1,000 ACs each
    • you designed this with 2 or more people: 500 ACs each 
  • And, as always, we reserve the right to award additional prizes for those who go above and beyond and whatever-other-adjective-we-choose-to-use!

The Clock is Ticking!

Great--the batteries are still working.

AQW clock

Wait, no, that’s not what I mean. What I meant to say is that the AQW Release Contest has already started—and it ENDS on Tuesday, April 30th!

/equip your Thinking Cap, brainstorm on, and then show us your new AQW Release! Hurry—this contest ends Tuesday, April 30th, 2014!!

On behalf of the whole AQW team, we cannot wait to see what crazy insane awesome Release ideas you come up with =D

xoxo Beleen

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