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November 07, 2014

Feast on the Dark Harvest

Prepare for Terror, Turdrakens, and Triumph!

Log in this weekend and bare your blades as Lore’s most deliciously-deadly festival begins! Destruction is on the menu when you /join harvest, and if you want to survive the feast, you’ll need to carve your way out of danger!

Are you ready for terror, turdrackens, and TRIUMPH?!

In this Friday's release, you will find all the previous year's Harvest maps and adventures. Talk to Samba in the /Feast map to get your Dark Harvest adventures underway!

  • 10 zones to battle through
  • 6 shops overflowing with Harvest-themed gear
  • Dozens of monsters ready to carve YOU up
  • And over 125 items to find, collect, or claim

Break a wishbone!

You once again have the chance to get the seasonal Kung Food Fighter Achievement Badge by pelting your fellow players with food and Members can unlock the Turdraken Member Only Area with its own special unlockable shop and Seasonal house!

Get all 15 items with a 12 month membership!

Unlock all 15 items in the BrightFall Commander set by purchasing a 12 month membership on our upgrades page, in-game, or on the Portal Site and outshine your opponents while you protect Empress Gravelyn's Mirror Realm home!

Will you vow to guard Empress Gravelyn's home?

The concept for the BrightFall Commander set comes from long-time player and artist, Reki! He's been showing us his AQW designs on Twitter for a very long time, and when Dage and I sat down to talk about ideas for a Good-themed armor, he immediately brought up Reki's design. 

The BrightFall Commander set includes:

  • 1 Armor
  • 8 Helms
  • 2 Weapons
  • 4 Capes (including one color-customizable set of wings)
  • a Character Page badge
  • ALL the Legend Perks that a membership unlocks!
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