Design Notes

June 28, 2013

Dominate the Underworld!

Will False Hope lead you astray... or to Dage?

Descend into Dage’s Underworld! Dage the Evil, ruler of the Undead Legion, waits for you far below in the Underrealm. If you've found your way through the volcano on the Isle of Fotia, now is the time to begin your battles against the monstrous personifications of Guilty Joys: Anxiety, Old Age, Fear, Hunger, Death, Disease, Sleep, Agony, and Grief!

With the guidance of Aeneas the Warrior and Sibyl the Prophetess, find the Golden Boughs, defeat each Guilty Joy, and make your way past the Elm of False Hopes to the river Acheron!

Undead Legion Champion Armor!

Undead Legion members, assemble! To prepare for the coming Legion Champion Class, we released the Legion Champion armor. If you're a full member of the Undead Legion, speak to Dage the Evil in Battleon, Shadowfall, or the Soulforge to get this wicked-awesome armor and the Legion Token farming class that comes with it!

Undead Legion Members can buy:

  • High Legion Champion Armor (1000 ACs)
  • Legion Champion Horns (75 ACs)
  • Legion Champion Helm (75 ACs)
  • Exalted Legion Champion Armor (1000 Legion Tokens)
  • Legion Champion Horns (50 LT)
  • Legion Champion Horns (50 LT)

Both versions of the armor unlock a legion token farming quest located at Dage the Evil in Shadowfall! The quest has a random chance to drop between 5-50 Legion Tokens!

Note: the SoulKeeper pet's quest will be buffed later on tonight.

Become a Shadowfire Emperor!

Unlock the Shadowfire Emperor set starting at 6PM server time when you buy any AdventureCoin package of 4.95 or more! Enemies of the Shadowfire Empire were known to turn and run at the mere sight of the Emperor's screaming skull symbol!

New Gear in Beleen's Featured Artist Shop!

Log in now to get the brightest, most-blinding gear of the year! Beleen's Featured Artist shop contains a bevy of brilliant pink and derpedly-derped weapons, pets, and the Bubblegum Scallawag Armor! This shop will only be available for 1 week! (So /cheer or /cry, depending on how much you hate the color pink!)


And earlier today we added a ton of NEW derp gear! Awesome derpily-adorable member-only pets AND the Hurping Light of Destiny Axe for 1000 ACs. (This WILL go rare... NEVER to return!)

And SO MUCH New Gear!

Once you're done battling through the Underworld and slaying undead to join the Legion, check out this insane amount of items we've added to keep you looking as heroic as WE know you are!

  • New armor set in the Treasure Chest: Nightwyvern set!
  • The Summer Seasonal Token shop is live with the Lightbringer set!
  • World War AQZ is just about to begin! Find the ZombieSlayer set in Doomwar!

Illness: Boo! Contest and Class News: Yay!

The Design Notes about the Lorepedia Bestiary art/writing contest AND news about the Legion Champion Class were supposed to go live last night, but I was battling a real life bug (and a low-grade fever). All that info will come early next week!

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