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February 23, 2015

Next Monday: Dage's Birthday

Dage's Birthday Shop Opens This Friday!

Dage's birthday isn't until Sunday, but we've decided to start celebrating early, and that means plenty of evil gear for heroes of every alignment! Log into Battleon this weekend and talk to Dage to open his Birthday Shop. 

free rpg mmo undead shadow knight

Available this Friday in the AC Rares shop:

  • Legion DoomKnight Armor 
  • Legion DoomKnight helms
  • Underworld DoomBlade
  • Dage's Underworld Fortress*
  • House items, including the Underworld Blacksmith with quests for additional weapons
  • And maybe some birthday surprises!

Additional gear, including the Legion DoomKnight Class, will be added to Dage's birthday shop on Monday, March 2nd.

* These are the first in-game backgrounds Dage has ever created - dark, deadly, and definitely the go-go home if you roll an Evil character.

Legion DoomKnight Class Details

Even DoomKnights have been known to swear, or been forced into, service to Dage the Evil. The humanity they once possessed has been wholly given over to Dage's Darkness and Doom itself.

free rpg mmo darkness skulls

The Legion Doomknight Class will release on Monday, March 2nd, and is a single-target hybrid. You'll want to use Strength or Int with this. In order of importance, stats are: 1)str, int 2)end, dex 3)wis 4)luck.

PvE battles (player versus environment):

With good survivability and reliable damage output, the class will be good for PvE. It has consistent, relentless damage as opposed to large spike damage crits. You won't be doing extra damage to other enemies with the way it is configured, you'll be doing bonus damage to your target, and receiving less damage from the target(but dealing and taking normal damage from other targets).

PvP (player versus player):

If you like going head to head against other players, you're in luck! This Class can stop your opponents from healing, and has a nice amount of chance to hit bonuses. It can also heal itself, which comes in handy during longer battles, and can get opponents from a distance.

Skills Preview

The skills below are not final, but we are getting SO many questions that we're releasing this preview early. (I am so glad you're all so excited!) Class designers are finalizing the numbers before testers start running them for balance. Entire skills may change before release based on what they find.

Auto Attack: Physical attack, cooldown lasting 2 seconds 

Touch Of Doom: You leave a mark of Doom upon your opponents soul which slowly but surely cripples them. Applies Touch of Doom to your opponent which stacks up to 5 times. Each stack of Touch of Doom increases the damage your opponent takes from you and decreases the amount of damage they deal to you.

Soulsplit: You assault your opponent's soul directly, taking some of their power to strengthen yourself and their life force to heal yourself. 

Shadow Step:  Immerse yourself in the Darkness of the Legion and Doom. Use the shadows to strike at your opponent unexpectedly, doing moderate magic damage. Applies Torment for 4 seconds.

Imminent Doom: Doom hastens and the Legion beckons. Strike for large damage and hasten your opponent's doom, dealing a temporary DoT. Also adds temporary Decay, preventing your opponent from healing.

Dage's Favour (Passive 1):  Increase attack damage. 

Strength of the Legion (Passive 2): Moderate boost to Crit chance, small boost to hit chance.

TBD Passive 3: Stat bonus still being determined

How to Get the Legion DoomKnight Class

There will be three ways to get the Legion DoomKnight Class (armor and accessories sold separately):

  1. Buy with 2000 ACs to get it immediately
  2. Farm for the Class if you have the Sepulchure's DoomKnight Armor** 
  3. Farm for the Class if you are a member of the Undead Legion

Note: The original Sepulchure's DoomKnight Armor is not required to get the Legion DoomKnight Class. 

** If you are one of the only 1,004 heroes who has the armor, give yourself a pat on the back! SDKA will get a stat boost similar to Blinding Light of Destiny's this Friday!

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