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April 21, 2013

Quibble Returns THIS Friday

Gear Up for Battle This Week!

We've got a lot heading your way, Hero! Take a look at the lengthy list below... and prepare to charge the battlefield against the Doom Kitten or the Blood Titan! Join the Undead Legion to unlock stores of the darkest gear on Lore... OR storm Quibble's shop for gear you've never seen before, and that you will probably NEVER see again!

Quibble Coinbiter and the Mirror Realm!*

Coming to Quibble's Mirror Realm Shop THIS Friday: Dark Paladin Overlord and DoomLight High Lord! These wicked-cool armors plus a host of other items from the Mirror Realm will be available next week!

* This sounds like an AWESOME book title!

LightCaster Set Arrives Wednesday!

Upgrade to unlock the LightCaster Set.... straight from Aranx's forge in the Mirror Realm!

LightCasters dispel ANY Darkness around them!

  • Monday: Earth Day returns! New and Seasonal Rare items... and Captain Lore!
  • Tuesday: Memet's gear in the Featured Artist Limited Time Shop!
  • Friday: Doom Kitten and Blood Titan Challenge Boss Battle!

What do you think? Blood Titan Class?

Even MORE coming this week!

  • Tier 3 of Sepulchure's dark gear!
  • A brand-new Undead Legion set... from before the Legion was formed! Only available to Undead Legion members, but WILL sell for Tokens OR AdventureCoins!

  • Major updates to the Travel Map!
  • More work on Guilds and fixing the Book of Lore!
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