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May 10, 2018

Limited Time Gear: ColdSteel Guardian Set

The best way to fight fire... is with COLD STEEL!

Real heroes know when you're up against a fire dragon, you don't "fight fire with fire" ... your best weapon is a sharp, cold steel blade. This weekend, find the ColdSteel Guardian armor set in your game menu’s Featured Gear Shop, available until Monday, June 4th!

New additions to the Featured Gear Shop this Friday are:

  • ColdSteel Guardian Armor
  • ColdSteel Helms and Faceplate
  • ColdSteel Claymore, Lance, and Weapon+Shield combos
  • ColdSteel Wrap and Rune capes 

New Bank Pet: DragonSlayer Twilly's Baby Dragon

Everyone is teaming up to battle Akriloth's Fire Dragon Army... even Twilly! But DragonSlayer Twilly couldn't slay this li'l guy, so he's strapped a bag on his back and uses him to haul away your loot from the battlefield. This Friday, find the DragonSlayer Twilly's Baby Dragon Bank Pet in your Featured Gear Shop for 2,000 AdventureCoins, available until Monday, June 4th.  

The DragonSlayer Twilly Bank Pet (with no baby dragon included) will be permanently available in the Great Fire War merge shop for 2,000 AdventureCoins.

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