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February 01, 2018

This Weekend: Get ready to /Party

Carnival, Yokai New Year, and MORE comin' at you!

We have a TON of events happening, because this is the week of OMG all the returning events! So strap on your lightest gear and get ready to MOVE!

Carnaval Returns!

This year for Carnaval, all our seasonal zones, bosses, and reward gear return. We also have the Honra Selvagem armor set from fellow AQW hero and artist, DanielPP2. Battle Ultra Bello for a chance to get the entire set! *


Yokai New Year Returns!

Every year, we celebrate Yokai New Year in Akiba. This year is the Year of the Dog (and the color yellow) in the Chinese Calendar. Talk to Princess Ai no Miko and battle a visiting Lycan Shinobi, Zhongchéng. Battle him before the Emperor to show your respect for his skill. He has a chance to drop the Gold Foo Pup pet and helm.


February Upgrade Bonus Gear!

Swordhaven has always been a battlefield between Good and Evil! Starting this Friday, February 2nd, at 6 PM EST, buy any AdventureCoin or Membership package of $10 USD or more to unlock the exclusive Royal Paladin February upgrade bonus items! Get the Royal Paladin gear and the Cursed DeathKnight set with a 12 month membership or 12000 AC package.

GroundHorc's Day Returns!

(Are you seeing a pattern here?) So when you log in this Friday, you'll see a Philip the Weather-predicting groundhog (a wee little ground-dwelling rodent.) If you aren't familiar with strange US folk traditions, here's the story of Puxatawnee Phil, who inspired this NPC. Talk to Phil in Battleon and complete his quest to save his brother (also named Phil... it's a family thing) from General Porkon in the Horc Fort.

Then wear his head on your face to celebrate. 

LoreBowl LII

In the real world, this Sunday is the SuperBowl. In AQWorlds, we hold LoreBowl! (WAY less chance of summoning lawyers with that name, you know?) This year, the Loyalists face off against the Harpies, and during their half-time game, WE open up the /punt map so YOU can get your kicks seeing how far you can make Twilly fly. Get 100 yards to unlock a special character page badge!

All of the LoreBowl armors + accessories are tagged as "Seasonal Reoccurring" items in-game. They will become available again each time the football team they represent goes to the Superbowl in the real world.

Free Nulgath Pets

Earlier this week, Artix issued a challenge -- if his image got 1000 retweets, we would give EVERYONE a free pet made by Nulgath. Since you blew that challenge out of the water, we found TWO pets from Nulgath, made for OverSoul...

  • Nulgath's Bloodsucker Larvae
  • Bloodsucker of Nulgath pet

Find them in the Underworld War Merge shop. Each pet is 0 ACs. The Larvae has no price, but the Bloodsucker of Nulgath requires the Larvae + 1 Bone Dust.

* Next week, as we get closer to the actual Carnaval date, the Carnival de Cor set you see  in the image above will be in the Featured Gear Shop.)

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