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June 16, 2017

Class Buffs and Improvements: June 16

Log in and Battle with Buffed Classes

Arklen, Yorumi, and the Class designers/testers have been hard at work making improvements to the classes for you! Read on to see what the newest buffs are, then log in and test them on the live (not PTR) servers!

Void Highlord

  • Animations has been updated to be less framerate intensive on older machines

Troll SpellSmith

  • ‘Weakness Sigil’ now also reduces incoming damage by 7% with every stack. 


  • ‘Death’s Strength’ damage increased by 15%, (Originally at 10%)

  • ‘Death’s Speed’ haste increased to 20%, (Originally at 10%)

  • ‘Necrotic Resistance’ NEW rank 10 passive - reduce spell damage taken by 30%

  • ‘Summon Minion’ descriptions updated to reflect original boost of 150% (it was never double damage) Self damage has been lowered

  • ‘Weaken’ increased damage and heal by 30%, increased mana cost to 20, from 15

  • ‘Infect’ Self damage has been lowered

  • ‘Command Undead’ increased damage boost by 25%

NEW Doomknight skills

  • ‘Soul Steal’ DoT damage doubled, damage on hit increased to 200%, up from 30%. Now applies ‘Cracked Soul’ which increases the target's damage taken by 10% for 8 seconds and stacks 5 times.

  • ‘Soul Crush’ is guaranteed to hit but will never crit. Now applies either Feared or Despaired. Feared reduces the target's dodge by 50% and Despaired reduces their crit rate by 50%.

  • ‘Void Strike’ changed to deal damage based on HP. The lower your HP, the more damage you’ll do. Previously, it was bugged to be based off only MP.

  • ‘Blood Offering’ increased Blood Rite self buff and self damage by 70%

  • ‘Aggression’ passive damage output increased to 15% (Originally at 10%)

  • ‘Resolute’ passive damage taken reduced to -15%, (Originally at  -10%)

Classic Doomknight

  • Old Doomknight skills before can be found on this item.

  • Obtained from Shadowfall only if you are BOTH evil (received by talking to Gravelyn in Shadowfall, evil rank does not apply) AND you have one of the Doomknight classes.


  • ‘Noble Mark’ endurance passive reduced to 20% (Originally at 25%)

Legion Paladin

  • ‘Shadow Plate’ endurance passive buff to 20% (Originally at 15%)


  • ‘Soul Steal’ description updated

Fixed on the PTR server

  • Chrono Assassin: Relapse no longer applies Deadlock (Works on Testing Servers!)
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