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March 22, 2014

DOUBLE Rep Weekend

Login Now for DOUBLE the Rep Points!

ChaosWeaver Invasion: Wrath of a Dark Queen is LIVE, and the new Ravenloss Rep Faction is, too. That's why all weekend long, we have a DOUBLE Rep Server Boost on all servers! Find the repeatable farming quest from Riadne after you gain control of the portal to Ravenloss in the Twilightedge map.

The Dark Queen waits for you!

Arachnomancer Class Arrives Friday!

This is the PERFECT chance to earn a ton of rep for Ravenloss, and you are really going to want to take advantage of if, because NEXT Friday, we are releasing the Arachnomancer Class!

Female Class art preview by Dage

There are several ways to get the Class:

  • Rank up your Ravenloss rep
  • Get it 2X faster by completing the Legend-only quests from Riadne
  • Get it right away when you purchase it for 2000 ACsĀ 

Legends will get a quest which gives them double Rep Points, or if you don't have the time to farm, you can buy it with 2000 AdventureCoins.

Weekend Changes!

Back at the Lab today to take care of some things we did not finish during the week.

  • Updating Trigoras monster, Binky's map, and Chaos Warrior to cut down lag
  • Adding back the Blademaster quests
  • Increasing the Rep and drop rate for the repeatable Ravenloss farming quest in Twilightedge.
  • Updating the new user guide in Battleon (it will appear for all new heroes up to level 12, rather than 7).
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