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July 04, 2014

Chaos Limited Quantity Sets

Rare Collectors... Start Your Engine!

If you were with us back in April, you saw the introduction of Limited Quantity sets. Some people love them, some people (the ones who forget to set their alarms) hate them, but they give those who like collecting rare gear a chance to grab a shining trophy that only a select few will possess!

Vital Information

  • Sets go on sale Friday, July 4th, at 12:30 PM. Sets will restock throughout the weekend.
  • Find sets on the LQS page
  • Once you purchase a set, log into your AQW account and find the Set Badge shop in your Book of Lore to get the gear! 
  • Legend-only sets are available for gold to anyone who has ever purchased a membership, even if it is not currently active.

Limited Quantity Set Restock Schedule

The Chaos LQS opens at 12:30 PM this Friday, July 4th, and each set will restock every 10 hours.*  

  1. 12:30 PM Friday
  2. 10:30 PM Friday
  3. 8:30 AM Saturday
  4. 6:30 PM Saturday
  5. 4:30 AM Sunday
  6. 2:30 PM Sunday

Not sure when that is in your part of the world? Here's a timezone converter to make setting your alarm easier!

* This is to ensure sets are available to everyone, regardless of where you live!

Set comes with: 1 armor, 1 helm, 1 cape

Chaos Paragon Set
Price: 2000 ACs
Quantity: 10000 sets
Initial stock: 5000 sets
Restock amount: 1000 sets (per restock)

The Legion-only Evolved Paragon armor set will be available in-game for Legion Tokens. 

Set comes with: 1 armor, 4 helms, 1 cape, 2 weapons

Eternal Warrior Set
Price: 1000 ACs
Quantity: 5000 sets
Initial stock: 3500 sets
Restock amount: 300 sets 

Set comes with: 1 armor, 1 helm, 1 cape, 1 weapon

Chaos Conqueror Set (Legend Only)
Price: 100,000 gold 
Quantity: 15000 sets
Initial stock: 10000 sets
Restock amount: 1000 sets 

Set comes with: 1 pet

Blazing Chaos Pet (Legend Only)
Price: 50,000 gold 
Quantity: 15000 sets
Initial stock: 10000 sets
Restock amount: 1000 sets 

Set comes with: 1 pet, 1 cape

Nine TentaTails Fox Pet and Cape
Price: 75,000 gold 
Quantity: 30000 sets
Initial stock: 15000 sets
Restock amount: 3000 sets 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Will item quantities update automatically? No, but once you purchase an item from the shop or revisit the page, you'll see an updated amount. 
  • If a set doesn't sell out right away, will the restock amount roll over? Yes. The next restock amount will always be added to the previous amount of gear. Gear not sold before a restock will remain in the shop.
  • Will the items be 0 ACs? All items sold in the LQSets will be 0 ACs, so you can keep them in your bank for free, forever!
  • Find examples of the web page's layout on our Limited Quantity Set FAQ page
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