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November 09, 2012

Return to The Span

Chaos Takes Control!

Cluck-cluck-DOOM is coming to YOU! Chaorruption continues in this week’s newest chapter of The Span saga, loaded with fiery dungeon mazes, legendary heroes, and a… ChickenCow dressed in a TOGA?! But nothing is what you expect, because... Chaos has freed Iadoa's Golems!

If that’s not Chaos then I don’t know what is! /join thespan and discover why you are here… and what your destiny is. But the Chaorruption inside your Professor grows stronger, so you better act fast before he loses control of his sanity AND his knowledge!  

Time for Destiny Shop!

There is no more time to wait! Talk to Iadoa in Battleon to unlock your Destiny Shop filled with gear inspired by Chaos and concepts from AE's other games. Then head to /thespan to begin (or continue) learning how to save Lore from Chaos!

Though Chains of Chaos bind you, you WILL break free!

Delayed Until Monday:

Due to troublesome issues with the Lab's internet today, including problems up/downloading files, getting the release out took longer than usual. To get the majority of it out to you at a normal time, the following things have been delayed until Monday:

  • Recruit-A-Friend System will re-release early next week, once bugs are corrected
  • Golden DrAEgon Statue quest
  • Removal of Death's rares shop 

BUT don't forget to check your Book of Lore* for the Guilds PTR tester badge! If you were a member AND tested Guilds during the PTR period, you have NOW unlocked the Guilds PTR badge AND the Guilded Scythe reward that comes with it!

* Yorumi will work on fixing the Book of Lore tomorrow. If you are not able to open the Book of Lore, your client is cached. Please refresh the browser and clear your cache.

Art Preview: Thief of Ages Class!

The long-awaited Rep Class for The Span is in development! The first draft of the color-customizable Class art is here!

You'll be able to earn this Class through increasing your ChronoSpan rep OR by purchasing it from Itzachi in Battleon for 2,000 ACs.

We don't have a set release date yet, but we are considering doing a monk hybrid for the Class. What kind of time-related skills would you be interested in seeing for a Class like that?

Coming Soon!

  • SkyGuard Saga Finale!
  • Thankstaking release!
  • More Chaos... in Space?! (Uh-oh!)
  • The "Twilight of the Lycans" Limited Time Shop!
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