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July 28, 2014

Chaos Fan Art Winners: Wolfwing

5th Lord of Chaos Fan Art Contest winners announced!

Last week, we announced the first batch of winners in the Chaos Fan Art Contest:

If you liked those masterpieces, then you’ll be Lycan the winners of the 5th Lord of Chaos, Wolfwing!

Grand Prize Winner: 5th Lord of Chaos

WOW! Soulknight really poured his heart and soul into this Wolfwing fan art. Congratulations on winning the grand prize!



Please enjoy your grand prize earnings of: 1,000 AdventureCoins, the exclusive color-custom Chaos Paintbrush + Chaos Artist Palette dual weapon set, the Art of Chaos character page badge, AND your art as an in-game House Item (which will be released at a future date)!

2nd Place Winners: 5th Lord of Chaos



wolfwing dracowerepyre




Wolfwing seth hydra

Seth Hydra

These 2nd place Wolfwing winners scored a K-9 out of 10! Each of you will get: 800 AdventureCoins, the color-custom Chaos Paintbrush polearm, and the Art of Chaos character page badge.

3rd Place Winners: 5th Lord of Chaos

View the Dropbox folder here to see all the 3rd Place Winners! Our third place winners are: Ryan_Asesino, Sir Master Dark, Revelations_Creed, Silverster, Toaudro, Daddy10125, and Alan68.

Ryan Asesino

You guys and gals won: 500 AdventureCoins, the Chaos Paintbrush Polearm weapon, and the Art of Chaos Character Page Badge.

Runner Ups: 5th Lord of Chaos

Here is the Dropbox folder to see all the Runner Ups, and here’s the list of Wolfwing’s runner-ups: Jhadecarlyle, Koukaoh, Dragon Warrior Blaze, Kaldr Mc17, Naza344, Ninjags, and Vincent Zatria.

dragon warrior blaze

Each runner up will get 200 ACs and the Art of Chaos character page badge. Keep practicing your skills and one day you’ll win the grand prize!

Important: Tracing versus Referencing

There is a fine line between tracing artwork and referencing artwork. Here, allow me to explain:

  • Referencing
    • You look at a picture, a pose, or a design, and then you create your own artwork from scratch. You use the referenced picture(s) to help design your own artwork… but you are NOT tracing or copying over the lines. Reference back to the image(s) that have inspired you to create something new and unique!  
  • Tracing
    • You use someone else’s photo/picture, and directly copy their work (easily accomplished with opacity + layers in just about any photo editing program). Your finished product heavily resembles the copied image (and both images can easily be lined up), even if some of your proportions may be larger, smaller, different, or slightly skewed. At its core, traced artwork is an apparent copy of someone else’s work. 

With that being said… it pained the entire AQW team to disqualify the following Wolfwing Fan Art entry:

tracing versus referencing example

As you can literally see, this Wolfwing entry was directly traced from a popular MMO’s werewolf model. Sure, the player changed the armor, added wings, and modified the background… but, sadly, all the lines lined up, the weapon in Wolfwing’s hand is exactly the same, and even the tiniest of details in the necklace and pauldron were traced—NOT referenced—from the original werewolf image.

Rule #3 in the Contest Rules states:  

Your Chaos Fan Art MUST BE created by YOU. And only YOU.

  1. 100% original artwork created by YOU
  2. NO tracing
  3. NO stealing someone else’s work (we WILL find out if you do, and you will be automatically disqualified)

This Wolfwing artist is obviously very VERY talented, but, sadly, we cannot award them a prize due to the fact that this is not their own artwork. Had they referenced this werewolf photo, and created something new and unique using the werewolf photo as inspiration, then we would have awarded them the Grand Prize—but, alas, this is a direct copy and not original artwork, and as such, it is disqualified =(

Please do not be discouraged, though! You wield that Photoshop paintbrush VERY well, and I know you’re capable of creating your very own masterpieces without tracing the work of others!

And that goes to everyone else reading this: the internet is a great place for artistic inspiration, but, at the same time, it has become easier than ever before to find out if your “own work” was copied/traced from another source. So please, if you want to create art but do not know where to start… reference a few different pictures, and then create your own unique masterpiece! 

Even if you don’t win the Grand Prize with your original artwork, it sure beats being disqualified for tracing someone else’s hard work. And, not to mention, you will evolve into a better artist the more times you keep drawing and perfecting your talents!

you can do it example reference

You can do it! Referenced, not traced.

Doggone good job, everyone!

Let’s give 3 werewolf howls for our Chaos Lord Wolfwing winners! /howl /howl /howl!

(Winners: it might take a few days to get the prizes added to your inventory, and we’re working on creating the Grand Prize winners’ work into in-game house items, so thank you for your patience!)

Stay tuned to the Design Notes, as we will announce our 6th Lord of Chaos Fan Art contest winners tomorrow.

Come on over to Chaos, my loves!

xoxo Beleen >:D

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