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August 22, 2014

Chaos Champion Prime Set

Live in the Finale Rares Shop Tonight!

Announcing the Chaos Champion Prime set! We want this to be one of the BIGGEST, BEST releases ever, and that means souvenirs that will make you really stand out as you conquer Mount Doomskull!

Tonight, grab the limited-time rare Prime Chaos Orb in the Rares shop for 5000 AdventureCoins to unlock a shop with:

  • Chaos Champion Prime Armor
  • Chaos Champion Prime Class (Chaos Slayer Skills with Chaos Prime art)
  • Chaos Champion Prime Wings 
  • Chaos Champion Prime Furled Wings
  • Chaos Champion Prime Blade
  • Chaos Champion Prime Helm 
  • Original Drakath Wings* 
  • Original Drakath Blade* 
  • Original Drakath Helm* 
  • All 4 (0 AC) 13th Lord of Chaos pets**

* These items will also be available from the boss fights as low item drops, or you can get them in the Chaos Champion Prime set.
** These items (with animations) will also be available from the Rares shop as Legend-only versions, or you can get the non-animated ones from the Chaos Champion Prime set.

Note: The Chaos Champion Prime Orb cannot be sold back until mid-September, when the other Chaos Finale Rares leave. Once the rares leave, it will turn into a floating, glowing Chaos Orb cape.

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