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October 24, 2014

Blood and Blades Finale

Who Will Rule Darkovia's Vampires?!

The four contenders for the Vampire Throne have been reduced to two: Lady Solani and Baron Luca! This weekend, YOU and the rest of Lore's heroes will decide which of them takes the throne as the next ruler of Darkovia's Vampires! This is a trial by combat to determine which side is stronger, who can hold the throne and rule their race!

Take on Ensis, Lady Solani's Champion, or face off against Rekshar, Baron's Luca's fiercest defender! The goal is to see which Champion can withstand the most battles*... help prove that the ruler YOU want to see has the stronger warrior! On Monday, we will see how many each has survived and announce who the next ruler is!

* If you want Lady Solani to win, battle Ensis. If you want Baron Luca to win, battle Rekshar. You're not battling to the death, but to prove endurance.

New Gear in the Rares and Monthly Member Shops!

Battle Ensis or Rekshar for a chance to get dark and deadly house drops (Boss drop SPOILERS!!!), and check out the Mortis Champion gear in the Rares shop!

If you're a Legend (or want to be someday), then you'll want to talk to Ragnar in Battleon! He's get a whole new set to prepare for next week's Mogloween event with Voltaire: the Corvus Corvax mystic raven gear! 

Dark DragonMaster AC Package

This weekend, unlock our newest, most masterful dragon set yet when you buy either a 12000 or 5000 AdventureCoin package! This exclusive set, made byMemet, includes an armor, 2 helms, 2 capes, 2 weapons, a character page badge, and the Dark DragonMaster's pet!

How to Unlock Dark DragonMaster

  1. Purchase either a 5000 or 12000 AdventureCoin pacakge in-game, through the portal, or on our website
  2. Log into your AQWorlds account and head to your Book of Lore
  3. Look under the "Other Achievements" tab to find the Dark DragonMaster badge 
  4. Click the badge to open your shop and get access to ALL the 0 AC gear (/cheer for free storage)

Forsaken Warlock/Dark DragonMaster Combo

The Forsaken Warlock Tier package leaves on November 7th, but until then, if you buy the Dark DragonMaster set with a 5k or 12k AC package, you will ALSO get the Forsaken Warlock gear which comes with your purchase! 


Level Cap Raises to 65!

You have all been asking for it—and finally here it is, our 3rd birthday month gift!

  • The best Adventure MMORPG just got better with the Level Cap Raised to 65
  • Show off your newfound powers and strength
  • No beast is foolish enough to stand in you way!
  • Will you be the 1st Hero in all of Lore to reach level 65?

Well that sounds like a challenge to me. So brandish your blade, conjure your spells, and witness the massive power that Level 65 brings! Level 61 throuh 65 Enhancements will arrive starting Monday!

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