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May 08, 2014

Black Knight Throwback

The Black Knight Rises

Hidden away in the corner of /join GreenGuardWest presides the mysterious Black Knight’s ghost. Before his light was extinguished, this knight was a terror to behold, constantly hacking and slashing his way through Lore’s innocent. The suit of armor he wore become so corrupted that to this day, it continues the vile actions of its master in the Black Knight’s wake. In death, the Black Knight sees the error of his ways, and pleads that one may stop the villain he’s created. He needs a hero to right the wrongs in his life by collecting pieces of his still rampaging suit so the armored monstrosity can be summoned and defeated once and for all.

Are you Gonna Slay the Knight?

He’s put his heart on the (Round) table asking you to save Lore from his old self. The only question is, are you up to the task? In order to summon his armor for the final battle, suit pieces from each of the four mightiest creatures in Greenguard West are needed. You must retrieve the knight’s

  • Leg Piece
  • Chest Piece
  • Shoulder Piece
  • Arm Piece

Green with Envy

I sug-chest you look for the armor’s breast plate deep within the heart of the Green Dragon’s lair. As a distant cousin of /join lair Red Dragon, it’s easy to tell that hero crushing runs in the Green Dragon’s bloodline. It will take a lot more than an unplanned charge of Leroy Jenkins to take back the Knight’s armor pieces and loot the dragon’s wrongly earned riches.

He’s Axe-ing for It

When looking for the Black Knight Arm Piece, you could say I'm truly stumped. Seriously, this next monster planted itself deep inside a greenguard tree trunk! Steal back the Black Knight Arm Piece from the Basilisk within and the Black Knight willow you one!

Well, What’s Next?

Who says food can’t fight back? /Join Well proves that some jello is hungrier than you are! The gelatinous glob, Gell Oh No, is ready to guard the Black Knight’s Leg Piece with it’s artificially flavored life. Don’t wiggle out of this fight hero, things are about to get messy.

Eye See You

Whether searching for it’s tree covered portal or typing /join Deathgazer, this medusa-like beast is sure to see you coming. Carrying quite the cold shoulder, beating Deathgazer requires lazer narrow focus, only the determined are able to retrieve the Black Knight Shoulder Piece.

Awaken the Armor

With the four armor pieces collected, the time of summoning has finally come. Using the Black Knight Orb to guide you, talk to the Black Knight and click summon. From here it is up to you to calm the Knight’s deadly armor. Showing no remorse for it’s actions, this is not a fight you want to go in alone. Can you defeat the Black Knight’s armor and set the spirit intertwined with it to rest once more?

What’s in it for me?

The Black Knight’s spirit wouldn’t allow you to walk away with nothing from your good deed. As one of the best gold farming spots in AQW history, this monster drops practically it’s entire wardrobe for you to enjoy. While either serving as a nice addition to your collection or being sold for up 12,500 gold a piece, these drops are worth every second of this quest.

  • Axe of the Black Knight
  • Blade of Corruption
  • Blade of the Dead membersmall.png
  • Blade of the Wicked
  • Cruel Axe of Midnight membersmall.png
  • Cruel Staff of the Fallen membersmall.png
  • SoulBiter membersmall.png
  • Staff of the Fallen

With these rewards lying around, your backpack and wallet are going to be as fat as Sir Cumference.

Good Knight Lore

Another Throwback has come and gone, however the adventure is just beginning! It’s time to visit the Black Knight for the first time or farm its drops as before. The fight is never finished hero, and this questline is only a warmup for the chaos lurking on the horizon of upcoming weeks. As always tweet me at or comment on the forums with suggestions for an upcoming throwback!

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