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November 28, 2014

AQWorlds Black Friday 2014

First Look at the Darkest Gear of the Year!

Head to Battleon today and talk to Zorbak to access the Black Friday shop (or find it in your game menu)! Then celebrate the Harvest Fest by saving your friends and family AND Battleon in our Feast of Souls event! We've got a bankload of items headed your way; before you head off to celebrate, check these beautifully black blades, armors, and accessories out!

Shadow Legion Vampire

The color-customizable Shadow Legion Vampire Armor, helm, and weapons will all be available for AdventureCoins in the Black Friday shop!

If you're a member of the Undead Legion, buy the armor to unlock a shop in your game menu with the Legion exclusive Shadow Legion Vampire (non-color custom)* for a small amount of Legion Tokens!** PLUS on Monday we'll add a daily quest for the ULTRA scythe and its crazy-awesome bonuses!  

  • Shadow SoulWeaver armor
  • Dark Judgement Scythe
  • Dark Dreadhaven General armor set
  • Dark Phoenix Plate
  • Dark Bones armor
  • Dark Blood of Nulgath armor

  • Dark Drakath Pet 
  • Black BattleCorn Pet
  • Dark Derp Dage Pet 
  • Shadow Indian Twig Pet 
  • Shadow Airstrike Pet
  • Dark Sprites Pet
  • The Dark Creature

  • Shadow DragonHead Blade 
  • Dark Dual Arachnotanas 
  • Dark Arachnotana 
  • ShadowFang's Blade
  • Obsidian Blade of Nulgath
  • Shadow Phoenix Blade

Also available for a limited time: the Dark Dual Taro Manslayers from Nulgath's "Combat Style: Taro Manslayers" quest and the Dark Undead Assassin armor and helm in Dage's Undead Legion merge shop!

* For you heroes who LOVE black and blue, this is the way to go if you want to stick with this specific color palette.
** The Evolved Legion Vampire armor cannot be sold until December 9th (24 hours after the Black Friday shop leaves on December 8th). 

New Half-Off Gear for 2014!

EVERYbody loves it when stores take half-off their inventory, so this year we've got a whole host of new we've chopped down! 

Aren't you glad we kept the parts WITH handles?

  • Half-Off Bright Dragon Blade 
  • Prime Blade of Half-Off 
  • Half-Off Light of Destiny
  • Half-Off Chaos Mask 
  • Half-Off Chainsaw Hand
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