Design Notes

July 21, 2017

This Weekend: Return to Battleunder

We lava new Battleunder zones!

Battleon hasn’t always been the most peaceful place, but this weekend your home is on red (hot) alert! With dragons circling in the sky and earthquakes ripping up the ground, there’s only one thing for a Hero like you to do -- descend to the deepest reaches of Battleunder and destroy whatever threat you find! (Spoilers: Is it fire dragons? It is probably dragons!)

But beware, Hero! Where there's lava, there's heat... and sulfur. The sulfuric gases leaking through the caverns WILL make navigating the tunnels treacherous and disorienting.* You might even feel like the map is completely random. ** Keep your wits about you and a cool handkerchief, because the closer you get to the source of the quakes... the hotter it will be!

And as you adventure through the tunnels, keep an eye out for the following:

  • A super-powerful and wise Dragon creature who can tell you more about yourself
  • A mysterious 7-sided box
  • Hapless adventurers who need rescuing
  • Caverns of treasure to loot
  • A cave full of dragon-goat hybrid creatures?!?!?! 

* If you're worried about not having a map for this dungeon, you can always flash back to what the DragonFable team suggested its players do.

** Spoiler: this week's map is partially a random dungeon. It's been a looooong time since we've done one of these. We hope you enjoy it!

Hot Rewards On Their Way

Several new sets are headed your way this weekend. Collect Lava Gems to forge new permanent gear (like the Lava Guardian Warrior set below), grab loot from the Treasure Pile (IF you can find it), and find the Draconic Oracle armor in the July Featured Gear shop (only available until August 4th).

Battleunder: the Basics

If you've never been to Battleunder before, you're in luck! You've got 3 or 4 new zones to play through before this week's release! Battleunder is a vast system of caverns and tunnels that lies directly under the town of Battleon. Paladin Yara is your guide, sending you on quests to take out monsters and recover sweet loot.

  • Battleunder: explore the new cavern system with Yara and recover a powerful blade.
  • BattleunderB: Yara is back with new quests... and a mysterious magic chest she needs you to open! 
  • BattleunderC: Your mission here is crystal clear - the undead have penetrated into crystal caverns, and we need to clear them out.
  • BattleunderD: An ancient water spirit is trapped inside this icy region. Free her and reap the rewards (Legend-only)
  • BattleunderE: Explore the hottest new area in Battleunder to discover the cause of earthquakes rocking the town above. (New this week for all heroes!)
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