Design Notes

March 26, 2018

AQWorlds Patch Notes

Check the list of bug fixes to see what the team has addressed

Reens, Cemaros and the AQW Bug Hunter team are busy squashing the bugs you submit each week to the Bug Tracker at

Check back weekly to see if the bug you reported has been addressed.  Please remember that not all bugs are "easy fixes" so some reported and confirmed bugs from each week may not be on the fixed list as they will require more time or a different person to fix them.

If you would like to know how the reports go from you to fixed, check this page:

Bug fixes: March 26, 2018

  1. Glacera seasonal content removed.
  2. Wedding Merge in Grimskull Annex fixed so it no longer disconnects you.
  3. Hooded Nax Skull name changed to Nax’s Hood.
  4. ‘Read the Design Notes!’ quest now realizes it was moved to Valencia.
  5. Blue portal at Nexus will now take you to HollowSoul Castle
  6. The quest text for Player Vs Power has been updated to give more information on ways to complete it.
  7. Prime Staff of Awe, Prime Spear of Awe and Prime Dagger of Awe had rep reqs fixed.

Art Fixes:

  • Bladedlord's Katana - angle fixed
  • Dual Dark Harbinger Blades, Dreadnought Battle Gear, Tainted Harbinger Blade all changed to click to transform now.
  • Enchanted Void Overlord - CC no longer overly dark tinted.

The Shadow Legacy of Nulgath Hair has been added to Dirtlicker’s Shop for those who don’t want the face of Shadow Legacy of Nulgath covered.


Extras! -  Bug, Opinion or Engine Limitation?

Hi again!  So this week was another one that there wasn’t any one thing that came up, so let’s talk about the types of reports that come in.

Reports will generally fall into one of 3 categories.  So is it a bug, an opinion, or an engine limitation?

A lot of art reports are not actually bugs, as in nothing is really broke.  They are opinions on what someone thinks it should look like, or something isn't working precisely right due to engine limitations.  An example of this would be if a hat has a feather in it.  A bug would be the feather is upside down, or not attached to the hat.  An opinion would be “the feather isn’t tilted far enough”.  And an engine limitation would be “Why can’t I put my hat on my hand?”.

Bugs will be fixed as soon as we can after the report is confirmed.  Opinions will usually be taken up with the artist if possible and since they made it, their opinion is usually final.  Engine limitations are something we may try to work around as we can, but generally, you just aren’t going to be able to put that hat on your hand.

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