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June 03, 2021

Psionic MindBreaker

A New Mindbreaker Enters the Scene

MindBreakers are a highly trained sect of warriors that take to the battlefield with psychic weaponry to wage mental and physical warfare on their foes. You can learn more about MindBreakers, DreamWeavers, and related personnel in the city of dreams and knowledge, /Somnia.

We’ve heard your requests to buff MindBreaker, and present you with Psionic MindBreaker, a new variant of the fan-favorite MindBreaker class, found in the same shop as it! Original MindBreaker will remain available to purchase and use as always. Psionic MindBreaker comes with a modified set of skills that are heavily inspired by the original MindBreaker, but have a unique twist.

Psionic MindBreakers hit hard, fast, and never shy away from a powerful foe. While they can attack more than one target, they prefer fighting one-on-one, and so deal far more damage to their main target. While they’re not the tankiest of warriors, they like to trade life for mana, and heal more the lower their health is!

How to Unlock the Class

Psionic MindBreaker can be found in the 12,000 and 40,000 AC package badge shops, along with the original MindBreaker. If you have not bought it before, you can:

  1. Access the Upgrade Account page here.
  2. Select and purchase the 12,000 AC or 40,000 AC package.
  3. Log in to the game, open your Book of Lore, navigate to the Badges, through Other Badges, and find the MindBreaker badge shop.

Information on the original MindBreaker class can be found here!

Description: Recommended Enhancements: Wizard. An exceptionally well trained MindBreaker, skilled in the arts of psionic manipulation. You bend mental energy within yourself and your opponents to your will.

Mana Regen: Psionic MindBreakers regenerate mana from the psionic flow around them.

Skills Breakdown

Psychic Assault

Rank needed: 1 / Auto Attack
Target: Enemy
Max Targets: 2
Type: Physical
Range: Melee
Cooldown: 3 seconds

Assail two opponents with your mental attacks, clouding their minds and decreasing their crit chance by 25% for 4 seconds.

Mental Flare

Rank needed: 1
Target: Enemy
Max Targets: 2
Type: Magical
Range: Long
Mana Cost: 8
Cooldown: 3 seconds

Sharpen your mind and engulf two foes in psionic flames. Always hits and crits. For every target you hit, gain a stack of Concentration, increasing your magical damage dealt by 30%, stacking to 6, and lasting 4 seconds.

Psion Drain

Rank needed: 2
Target: Self
Type: True Damage
Mana Cost: 0
Cooldown: 6 seconds

Open your mind and allow psionic energy to flow in, recovering 35 mana and reducing your mana costs by 10% for 10 seconds, stacking to 4. Doing so, however, overloads your senses, causing you to take damage.

Cerebral Siphon

Rank needed: 3
Target: Enemy
Max Targets: 1
Type: Magical
Range: Long
Mana Cost: 20
Cooldown: 6 seconds

Reach out and invade your opponent’s mind, stealing their life force and healing yourself for half of your missing hp. Your assault leaves them weak, reducing their defense by 40% for 15 seconds. Cannot be avoided, but cannot crit.

Psionic Might

Rank needed: 5
Target: Enemy
Max Targets: 2
Type: Magical
Range: Long
Mana Cost: 20
Cooldown: 6 seconds

Detonate psions under your control, dealing heavy damage to 2 opponents.

Passive: Psionic Precision

Rank needed: 1
Type: Passive

Starting at rank 1, your precise control over psionic elements allows you to focus your attack power on your main target, dealing double damage to them with your skills.

Passive: Psionic Armaments

Rank needed: 4
Type: Passive

Your psychic powers allow you to conjure metaphysical armor and weapons, decreasing the damage you take by 25%, and increasing your haste and accuracy by 10%.

Passive: Extrasensory Perception

Rank needed: 10
Type: Passive

Rarely, your ability to read the Psionic Flow gives you clairvoyant visions, vastly increasing your combat capabilities for a few seconds.

Note: At rank 10, your autoattacks have a 1% chance per target of granting you 50% more damage, dodge, crit chance, and haste for 10 seconds.


 Psionic MindBreaker plays like a fast, aggressive damage dealer class. Paying attention to upkeep its stacking auras will reward you greatly, lowering the costs of your skills, and drastically increasing your damage. Here’s a few tips to keep in mind while playing the class:

  • Make sure you frequently fire Mental Flares, as Concentration wears off quickly, but is where most of your damage boost comes from.
  • Time your Psion Drains carefully- they’re your only source of active mana regeneration, and using them too often or not often enough can result in defeat.
  • The amount of mana Psion Drain recovers is not reduced by your mana cost reduction, so as you stack mana flow, you regenerate proportionally more mana!
  • The lower your health, the more you heal, so hanging onto the heal as long as you can can be rewarding!
  • While you can hit multiple targets with your skills, you function best in single-combat, so pick your battles carefully.

Psionic MindBreaker is a constant cycle of maintaining your health, mana, and aura stacks. But timing everything correctly and pacing yourself can lead to some extremely high damage output!

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