Design Notes

August 06, 2021

August Class + Alchemy Potion Changes

Alchemy Makes a Splash

We’ve heard your requests to mix potions and make spellscrolls efficiently again for a long time. In response to that, Alina in /alchemyacademy has decided to open a new line of business!

Now, you can purchase Dragon Runestones and Arcane Quills for gold, or directly purchase some of the potions you can craft for a (high) amount of gold. You decide what your time is worth!

This weekend:

  • Two shops reopened: Dragon Runestones + Arcane Quills are now purchaseable at 100,000 gold each.
  • New shop allowing you to purchase pre-made potions! These include a list of popular potions from other vendors, and powerful potions for each of the primary and secondary stats, and a more powerful damage potion. Additionally, the stack limit for all of the affected potions are now 300. 

Due to this, the affected potions have been moved out of their original shops, and will now be sold from /alchemyacademy. So if you can’t find your favorite Dragonheart Philtre, Vigor Potion, or other favored consumables, check at the Alchemy Academy!

Class Changes for August 6, 2021

Today’s update brings changes to a few classes that saw an unexpected power spike in PvP with the introduction of the Mythril PvP Amulet and Awe Enhancement updates. Additionally, we have also made adjustments to a few of the calendar classes and have given a certain Nulgath Nation class a much needed buff. 


ChronoCorruptor is already in a pretty good spot, but although its Visceral Shift and Shiftburn auras are powerful, they did not last as long as they needed to. These changes should increase the overall power of the two auras.

Don’t Blink Twice:
- Visceral Shift Physical Damage increase: 100% > 75%
- Visceral Shift duration: 5 seconds > 8 seconds- Shiftburn HoT and DoT power increase: 100% > 75%
- Shiftburn duration: 5 seconds > 8 seconds

Dragon of Time

Tuning down Dragon of Time’s sustain in PvP and increasing its overall PvE performance.

Dragon’s Will:
- Can now miss

Convergence of Destiny:
- Maximum Discordance stacks: 20 > 25

Frost SpiritReaver

In PvP, Frost SpiritReaver was incredibly dominant in most matchups. Reducing its stat debuffs and Haste passive should give classes more opportunities to combat it.

Spirit Freeze:
- Spirit Chill Haste and Dodge debuff: 15% > 10%

Spirit Charge:
- Fully Synchronized Spirit outgoing magic damage buff: 150% > 200%

Spirit Banishment:
- Spirit Damage Hit Chance debuff: 50% > 25%
- Spirit Devastation incoming damage debuff: 30% > 15%

Spirit Synchronization:
- Spirit Shattering incoming damage debuff: 20% > 15%

Spirit Chill:
- Outgoing damage: 15% > 10%

Spirit Blink:
- Haste: 100% > 30% (total Haste still exceeds the 50% cap, but can now be slowed by many more debuffs)

Spirit Reckoning:
- Crit Damage: 30% > 50%

Infinity Knight/Interstellar Knight

Infinity Knight was lacking in performance compared to the other calendar classes, so it is getting a much needed tune-up.

Stat Model:
- Changed to Mage

Strike of Dawn:
- No longer misses, but can’t crit- Cooldown: 2 seconds > 1.5 seconds

Incinerating Era:
- DoT damage increased- DoT duration: 10 seconds > 6 seconds

- No longer misses, but can’t crit

Not a Second Wasted:
- HoT and DoT Power: 12% > 30%


The new PvP amulet resulted in Sentinel being able to instantly deal a large amount of unavoidable damage, these changes aim to add more counterplay to it.

Sentinel’s Strike:
- No longer guaranteed to hit, but still always crits

Purge The Wicked:
- Damage increased

ShadowWalker/Stalker/Weaver of Time

Reducing the efficiency of ShadowWalker’s infinite DoT scaling while reducing mana costs and greatly increasing the base damage of its skills. Overall, ShadowWalker’s DoT numbers will be lower than they were previously, but the increase to the base damage of its skills should keep its performance at an appropriate level for a calendar class.

Rift of Shadows:
- Base damage increased

- Base damage increased

Vendetta/Umbral Stigma
- Base damage increased
- Umbral Stigma DoT damage reduced
- Mana Cost: 30 > 20

Silhouette/Shadow Warp
- Base damage increased

ShadowWalker has also received a few changes that are focused towards PvP. These changes have little to no impact on PvE performance.

Temporal Eclipse:
- Shadowed State no longer reduces enemy Crit Chance
- Temporal Eclipse no longer increases Hit Chance
- Turbulent Rift Haste buff: 100% > 30% (total Haste still exceeds the 50% cap on use)

Vindicator of They

In PvP, Vindicator of They is able to consistently stunlock its opponent, making it difficult to interact with. Therefore, we are adjusting its stun duration, but increasing its overall damage output.

We Want A Rock:
- Petrify duration: 4 seconds > 2 seconds

Mass of Incandescent Gas:
- Now has a 50% increased chance to crit

Hot Cha:
- Haste: 20% > 25% (The Collector Class shares this passive with Vindicator of They, so they both got the increase)

Void Highlord

Void Highlord’s current performance does not properly reflect the amount of effort that it takes to obtain it. These changes aim to bring it back up to a suitable power level, while modestly keeping it in check for PvP.

- At rank 10, now applies an aura called Abyssal Sacrifice to the target, which increases incoming physical damage by 5% for 8 seconds, stacks to 20.

Shackle and Unshackle:
- Soul Void now increases HoT and DoT power by 30%

Highlord’s Gaze:
- Mana Cost: 20 > 30

- Arbiter’s Wrath Crit Damage buff: 30% > 75%
- Arbiter’s Wrath duration: 8 seconds > 12 seconds
- Mana Cost: 50 > 60

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